Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No More Crumbs

To say that the beach is my favorite place in the world would be a profound understatement.

I love all the sights, smells and sounds of the surf, but most importantly, I treasure the sweet feeling of closeness to God that warms my heart as I fully immerse myself in the beauty of His creation.

During a recent vacation,  I arose early and set out for the beach to watch the sun rise. As I sat on the sand, soaking in the peacefulness of the morning and listening to the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore, I watched a few seagulls aimlessly wandering around the beach. I began to wonder why there were so few - especially considering that they are normally swarming overhead in loud, annoying flocks.

Then it dawned on me that they had no reason to be on the beach - because there were no people around to generate any crumbs.

I'm pretty sure that seagulls can smell a potato chip crumb a mile away. I could be sitting peacefully on the beach without a seagull in sight, and if one kid throws a piece of crust from their sandwich into the sand, suddenly dozens of seagulls come swooping down from out of nowhere like a scene in that awful old movie called The Birds.

I thought about how seagulls always stay at a distance, until they think that someone has something they want, then they come running - or should I say - dive bombing.  I chuckled as I thought about some past times when seagulls have interrupted our picnics at the beach, but my reminiscing was interrupted when I felt God whisper to my spirit that sometimes, I am just like those seagulls. 

Somewhat confused at the thought, I began to ponder what God may have meant, and during my prayer time, I slowly began to understand.

There are times when I may go several days, maybe weeks, aimlessly wandering like seagulls on a deserted beach. Flying through my daily routines, never really sitting down and talking with God in focused prayer, much less digging into scripture.

But, have mercy, as soon as something happens that makes me mad, sad, worried, frustrated, discouraged or upset - I go flying straight over to God; swooping in out of nowhere, dive bombing into His presence. I expectantly wait for Him to give me a profound thought or answer to prayer, in essence, to toss me some crumbs of spiritual nourishment.

How it must disappoint God for me to settle for 'spiritual crumbs' on an as-needed basis, rather than enjoy the buffet of delicious spiritual morsels, divine guidance and supernatural intervention that is always within my reach.

Matthew 6:11 says "Give us today our daily bread" in the NIV Bible and in the NLT it reads this way, "Give us today the food we need,".  God knows that we need spiritual food that only He can give - and that we need His nourishment daily. When we choose to do without, our souls will hunger.

Unlike a seagull who only seeks temporary satisfaction from random crumbs, I long to be consumed with a spiritual hunger that is never satisfied with crumbs from God.  A hunger that pains me if I fail to get my daily portion of His wisdom, blessings, comfort, love and guidance. A hunger that when filled by God, replaces my feelings of emptiness, unworthiness, discouragement or discontentment.

Have you been putting God on the back burner, and then dive bombing for spiritual crumbs when life gets rough?  If so, this would be a great day to turn from your seagull mentality, to one that is focused on getting a daily portion of God, and being filled with as much as your spiritual tummy can hold. 

I simply do not want to be satisfied with mere crumbs! I want the whole basket of spiritual goodies, because I know that when my heart and mind are filled with God, my life will be filled with joy.

What about you?

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Donna said...

Thank you for this post! It is exactly what I needed to hear. I browsed it yesterday when I saw the post but I took the time to contemplate on it tonight. I have been a seagull and God has been speaking to me about a constant relationship. He misses me! What joy fills my soul at the thought!

I appreciate your blog so much! Thank you for being faithful!


Tracie Miles said...

Hi Donna - thanks for your comment and your encouragement! Take care!

Sarah said...

Very convicting and encouraging at the same time, along with your previous post. Thank you so much.

Jennifer Dougan said...

That's an interesting analogy. Thanks, Tracie.

Jennifer Dougan