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If you would like to speak with me about an upcoming event you are planning for your church or organization, please feel free to email me with a request for more information, or to arrange a time to talk over the phone.

If you are interested in booking me for your event, please contact Barb Spencer at Barb will be glad to check my availability, get a contract sent out, or put a speaker packet in the mail to you, which includes one of my sample CDs.

The topics listed on the topics page are my most requested topics, however, if you have a particular theme for your event event and you would like to discuss having a message customized for you, or combining specific messages for a weekend retreat, please feel free to email me. I would love to chat with you anytime!


God bless you!

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Speaking Topics


Woman Overboard! Finding a Ribbon of Calm in a Sea of Stress
Frazzled, frustrated, fatigue; overcommitted, overloaded and overwhelmed. This describes how the majority of us feel every day as a result of being bombarded with relentless stress from marriage, relationships, parenting, finances, commitment overload and just life in general. Sadly, most of us are looking for stress relief in all the wrong places, and the help we may find, is not the help that will get us through. You will experience a stress-makeover in heart, mind and soul as you:

- Understand the physical and spiritual benefits of looking to God for stress relief
- Tap into the power and presence of God to regain a life of peace
- Discover how to live a life of joy despite your circumstances

From Panic To Prayer
Life is full of storms, but no matter how bad the storm, we can endure it if we stay in the presence of the Lord and learn to find rest in Him. By focusing on the details of the second most stressful day in the life of Jesus, you will come to understand that Jesus experienced stress and anxiety, and is the role model we should look to as we face difficult situations in our own lives. Through an in-depth look at how the Bible instructs us to deal with life’s stressful experiences and trials, you will be able to:

- Relate to Jesus in new ways as you realize that He dealt with storms in life just like us
- Enrich your prayer life by learning to trust God in the middle of storms
- Sense a renewed closeness with Christ and a fresh desire to depend on Him in hard times

Turning Your Past Into Your Purpose
“What’s my purpose?” probably the most important and empowering question a woman can ask herself. We all long to live a life of purpose, but many women feel that mistakes or experiences from their past prevent them from not only being loved and adored by God, but from being usable for God. Through Tracie’s sharing of her personal story of repentance, redemption and restoration, you will gain a fresh understanding of how God really can, and does, use all things to His glory, if we are willing to say yes to His call. This message will empower you to live confidently in Christ by helping you:

- Discover emotional freedom through the forgiveness of Christ’s
- Increase self confidence by recognizing the importance of self-forgiveness
- Understand how you can turn life’s disappointments into God’s appointments
- Experience a fresh desire to be obedient to God's call on your life

Removing The Mask: Discovering The Joy In Being Real
It begins in adolescence, and continues throughout our lifetime - the art of putting on a plastic smile, hiding our past, covering our flaws, and masking our inner most hurts and insecurities, all the while hoping that we can keep up the charade. You heart will be transformed and your spirit lifted as you recognize the joy that is available by being with real with ourselves, real with others, and real with God. You will walk away with a sense of excitement and empowerment to use Gods victories in your life as you:

- Embrace inner peace by finding freedom from the debilitating feelings of shame
- Reduce self-condemning thoughts by understanding God’s forgiveness and mercy
- Discover the joy in realizing that God can bring good things out of every experience in our past.
- Increase your capacity for building deeper, more fulfilling relationships

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life
It’s easy to be positive when times are good, but when it seems that everything in life is not going well and we run into difficult times and situations, keeping a positive attitude can be tough. We all know that the best way to keep a positive attitude during difficult times is to understand that our joy comes from Christ, not from circumstances, but that is easier said done. In this session you will be inspired to stay positive in good times and bad as you:

- Stop the unhealthy cycle of comparing ourselves and our lives to other people
- Develop positive perspectives on the things that happen in everyday life
- Embrace the ability to look at the future with a renewed hope
- Identify four ways to experience a joy-filled life

Empowered By A Whisper
Hearing God’s voice is by far the most important part of our prayer and fellowship time with God, and most of us desire to hear God's voice thundering through the air with the answers to their problems. However, God’s voice is still and small, like a gentle whisper, requiring an intimate relationship in order to hear Him. You will be reenergized to listen for God in your heart and obey Him in your life as you:

- Recognize how to hear God’s voice in the unique ways He chooses to speak in today’s society
- Embrace the importance of prayer and fellowship with God
- Increase your awareness of God’s supernatural intervention in your life

Embracing The Call
“But God, I don’t want to do that!” If God has ever called you to do something that seems beyond your comfort zone or capabilities, then you can relate to that statement. This session focuses on helping you realize how God has been equipping you throughout your lifetime for the purpose He destined just for you, even if His plan does not make sense to you yet. By focusing on exemplary biblical characters, and their trust and commitment to God, you will be inspired to take a leap of faith in whatever God is calling you to do as you:

- Understand how having a true servants heart opens the door for Christ to work in your life
- Replace the fear of failure with God-inspired confidence
- Recognize how procrastination results in missing Gods best
- Build your desire to faithfully and passionately seek Gods will for your life

Absolute Devotion: A Journey To Intimacy with Christ
A close friendship with Jesus develops as a result of spending time with Him and making Him a priority. When we commit to building an intimate friendship with Jesus, and living a life grounded in trusting and praising Him, we can experience a life transformation. This session will empower you to embark on a wonderful adventure of building an intimate friendship with Christ as you learn to:

- Deepen your relationship with Jesus by developing simple friendship habits
- Understand how to hear Gods voice through prayer and conversation with Him
- Embrace the joy that is found through a passionately pursuit of a friendship with Jesus

Loving The Woman In The Mirror: Learning To See Yourself As God's Treasure
The longing of every woman’s heart is to feel loved, accepted and beautiful, but many of us spend our entire lives seeking these validations from the world, instead of through our identity in Christ. This session is a great reminder that you are a special child of God, beautiful in every way, and wonderfully and fearfully made for His glory. You will walk away with a new perspective on how you can shine for God by:

- Understanding how true self confidence comes from your relationship with Christ
- Stopping the cycle of comparison by focusing on your inward beauty and value
- Positioning yourself to live a confident life by believing that you are a treasure in Gods eyes
- Learning how you can be a reflection of Christ in your everyday life

All topics can be combined into two to four sessions for weekend events or retreats. Some topics can be broken down into several sessions if requested. Either way, Tracie can help you customize the perfect retreat for your ladies! Please email her to discuss possibilities and ideas.


The Gifts Under God’s Christmas Tree

The best gifts do not come from a store! This message will tug at your heart and help you pull them back from the chaos of the season to a heart focused on worship. Through laughter and holiday spirit, this message will help you carefully unpack the precious gifts that are promised in God’s Word, and spiritually prepare your heart for the Christmas season by:

- Encouraging you to embrace the real source of joy during the holidays
- Understanding how to bask in His presence, instead of the presents
- Recognizing how Christmas is an outward celebration of an inward love
- Rekindling our thankfulness for Jesus, and remembering the real reason for the season

Christmas Angels-In-Training
The holidays can often be a time of discouragement, sadness, stress and overload, resulting in anxiety and regrets, rather than peace and hope. With a special emphasis on the movie "It’s A Wonderful Life", this session brings to life the lessons that George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart, 1946) learned when he encountered an angel who granted his wish of having never been born. By focusing on the real meaning of John 10:10, this session will help you embrace the holiday season with a passionate heart for Christ by :

- Increasing your ability to enjoy the season by letting go of the myths and expectations that women put on themselves
- Becoming more aware of your significance in Gods Kingdom by changing your perspective about circumstances in your life
- Positioning yourself to reflect God’s love at Christmas and make a difference for Him all year round

A Cup of Christmas C.O.C.O.A.
During the busiest season of the year, it is easy to get swept up in the seasonal busyness of the holidays, and inadvertently forget why we are celebrating. Using the acrostic COCOA, you will be encouraged to make Christ the center of your holiday celebrations and learn how He can play a part in your family traditions, as you:

- Rediscover the joy in the season by decorating our hearts for Christ
- Overcome the temptation to be overwhelmed with Christmas, instead of overjoyed with Christ
- Honor God in our lives by celebrating His love at Christmas

For Topics for teen girl / youth events, please visit the Next Generation Tab.

Interested in inviting Tracie to speak at your event? Please contact Barb Spencer at to request a CD and speaker packet.

If you have questions for Tracie prior to requesting a speaker packet, or have received a mailer from Tracie, you may email her directly at

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Where I'll Be


February 25-27
Bumcombe United Methodist Church
Greenville, SC

March 28-20
Fellowship Alliance Church
Cape May, NJ

July 29-31
She Speaks Conference
Concord, NC


March 20

University Church of Christ
Greenville, NC

April 8
Women in Christian Media
Nashville, TN

April 16-18
Old Dominion Baptist
Natural Bridge, VA

May 8
Lake Wylie Baptist
Lake Wylie, SC

July 15
National Conference Call
Topic: Ministry Burnout: What it is and How to avoid it!

July 3o-August 1
She Speaks Conference
Concord, NC

August 9
Piedmont Community Growth Impact Conference
Lynchburg, VA

September 25
Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Henderson, NC

October 2
Crossroads Church
Belmont, NC

October 25
National Next Step Conference Call
She Speaks Speaker Track, Proverbs 31

November 4
Temple Baptist Church
Simpsonville, SC

November 13
North River Community Church
Pembroke, MA


February 26-29
Ecumenical Council of Monterrey, Women's Retreat
Monterrey, Mexico

July 20-21
Family Bible Conference
Flat Rock, NC

July 31-August 2
Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference
Concord, NC

August 12-14
Piedmont Community Growth Impact Conference
Lynchburg, VA

September 24th
Women In Christian Media
Nashville, TN

October 17
Iron Sharpens Iron Conference
New England Womens Conference
*Also featuring Elizabeth George & Shaunti Feldman
Bloomfield, CT

October 31, 2:00pm EST
Radio Interview
Encouragement Cafe

November 6-7
Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church
Gastonia, NC

November 20
Christmas Candlelight Coffee
First Baptist Church of Matthews
Matthews, NC

Where I was in 2008:

February 16
Highland Baptist Church
Raleigh, NC

March 6
Sharon Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

March 28-30
Grace Gospel
Cape Cod, MA

April 6
Pleasant Hill Baptist
New Salem, NC

May 3
Liberty Baptist Church
Mooresville, NC

May 6
Foster's Chapel United Methodist Church
Jonesville, SC

June 6-7
Camp Jacob
Clintwood, VA

June 20-22
Proverbs 31 Annual She Speaks Conference
Concord, NC

July 26
GEMS Girls Club / Women's Leadership Conference
Ridgecrest Conference Center
Asheville, NC

August 14th
Piedmont Community Impact Organization
Church Growth Conference
Lynchburg, VA

August 16
First Presbyterial of Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Tryon, NC

September 13
Newlife Covenant Church
Markleysburg, PA

September 19-21
First Baptist Church of Matthews
Ridgecrest Conference Center
Asheville, NC

September 26-28
Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church
Black Mountain, NC

October 24-26
First Baptist Church of Centerville
Dahlonega, GA

Where I was in 2006/2007:

July 20, 2006
First Baptist Church of Matthews
Matthews, NC

Oct 7, 2006
Mt. Harmony Baptist Church
Matthews, NC

Oct 13, 2006
First Baptist Church of Matthews
Matthews, NC

Nov 7, 2006
Carmel Baptist Church
Matthews, NC

Nov 8, 2006
Hickory Grove Presbyterian
Charlotte, NC

Nov 10, 2006
Lawndale Baptist Church
Greensboro, NC

Nov 16, 2006
Eastway Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

Nov 30, 2006
University Hills Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

Dec 4, 2006
First Baptist Church/Indian Trail
Indian Trail, NC

Dec 5, 2006
Northside Baptist Church
Rock Hill, SC

Dec 10, 2006
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Indian Trail, NC

Dec 12, 2006
Jamestown United Methodist/MOPS
Jamestown, NC

Dec 12, 2006
Catawba Baptist Church
Rock Hill, SC

Jan 8, 2007
Shelby MOPS
Shelby, NC

Jan 26-27, 2007
Forest Point Church
Belmont, NC

February 7, 2007
Meadowview Church
Lexington, NC

February 11, 2007
West Hartsville Baptist Church
Hartsville, SC

March 2, 2007
Victorious Praise/Christian Leaders Today
Durham, NC

March 13, 2007
First Baptist Church Matthews
Matthews, NC

March 18, 2007
First Presbyterian Church
Concord, NC

March 24, 2007

First Baptist Church of Matthews
Matthews, NC

April 20-21, 2007
Marysville Grace Brethren Church
Marysville, OH

April 28, 2007
Calvary Baptist Church
Gastonia, NC

May 4, 2007
Siler Presbyterian Church
Wesley Chapel, NC

May 5, 2007
Ragen Wesleyan Church
Gastonia, NC

May 10, 2007
New Hope Baptist Church
Hickory, NC

May 19, 2007
Stough Memorial
Pineville, NC

June 7, 2007
Idlewild Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

June 20-22, 2007
Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference
Charlotte, NC

August 10-13, 2007
Compassion International Vision Trip
Ecuador, South America

Sept. 7-8, 2007
New England Bible Institute'

Teaching The Called Conference
Swansea, MA

September 30, 2007
First Presbyterian Church
Gastonia, NC

Nov.16-17, 2007
Flint Groves Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

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About Me


I have been married to my husband Michael for over 19 years. We met at UNC Charlotte, and after graduation, we both went to work. He became a General Contractor, and I worked in the corporate world for 15 years, before surrendering God's call on my life to focus on speaking and writing in ministry. A year later, I was blessed with the privilege of becoming a part of Proverbs 31 Ministries... and God is still writing the rest of the story!

I have three wonderful children - Morgan, 15 yrs old, Kaitlyn, 13 yrs old, and Michael 10 yrs old.

If someone asked me what "I do".... I would not say I am a speaker, or a writer, or a conference leader. I would say that I help women draw closer to the heart of God, so they can begin hearing His voice, and discover the plans and purpose He has for them that will lead them into a life of abundant blessing. Its not about ministry, its about hearts, and my only prayer is for God to use this unworthy vessel at each event to minister to women in the exact way that they need.

All of my topics have evolved through situations that I have dealt with in my life, which have taught me some great life lessons in Christ. I share all of my messages with love, honesty, transparency and humor, so that everyone can enjoy their worship experience and walk away from the event with a renewed love for themselves and who they are in Christ, but also a fresh enthusiasm for walking with Him in their own daily lives.


In addition to my work experience, I have seven years of public speaking and corporate training experience, in corporate and ministry engagements.

From 2003 through 2008, I held the role of Women's Ministry Director for a large church in Matthews, NC, and prior to that served as a team member in women's ministry. I love women's ministry and believe it is a vital part of every church. I enjoy encouraging and teaching ministry teams and leaders as they exert their efforts to minister to the women in their church or community.

In November 2006, I was very excited to have my first book published, titled Reinventing Your Rainbow. It is available for purchase through

Reinventing Your Rainbow is my personal journey of finding forgiveness, spiritual renewal, peace and purpose for my life. My desire is that God will use this publication to encourage women, and help them discover the cleansing forgiveness that is available through Christ, and also come to a place where they can forgive themselves for their own mistakes in life. My prayer is that it will motivate women to strengthen their walk with Christ, and inspire them to seek out God's will for their life, while learning how to step out in faith to fulfill all that God wants them to be - and be completely blessed as a result!

Also in 2006, I was published as a contributing author to the 7th book in the series of Refined By Fire: Discovering Victory Through Adversity, published by GMA Publishing. To purchase this book, please visit Barnes and

I love writing devotions and sharing how God uses our everyday experiences to teach us important life lessons. I am a regular contributing author to the daily Proverbs 31 devotions, called Encouragement For Today. I have also had articles published in the Proverbs 31 Woman monthly magazine.

(if you want to learn some personal, yet silly, facts about me - visit my post entitled "All About Me From A to Z". )

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Next Generation

Proverbs 31 is committed to mentoring women in their walks with Christ, but also to be a resource of encouragement and support for young girls who are in the season of life where peer pressure and temptations seem to be at the forefront of every day life.

Our desire is to come along side these girls and help them learn how to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Next Generation ministry is geared towards helping girls figure out how to face these many challenges in Gods strength and purpose.

God placed it on Tracie's heart several years ago to reach out to young girls and young women with the love of Christ with real-life advice and encouragement that can lead them to a closer walk with God. Her desire is to help them be more confident in who God made them to be, and being who they really want to be as well.

If you have a youth event coming up at your church, maybe one of the topics below would be the perfect fit. If you have a special event for teens and have questions about the below topics, or would like to discuss the possibility of a new teen topic, please email Tracie at

NEXT GENERATION TOPICS (For youth events involving girls ages 12-18)

Learning To Be Me and Loving It
It’s hard being a young girl in today’s society! Constantly trying to please others and fit in with peers is not only emotionally draining, but can result in making bad decisions, feeling powerless to be ourselves, and developing a low self esteem. This session will encourage you to love yourself for who God made you to be, and help you gain a new perspective on living for Christ. You will walk away with a renewed sense of self esteem and confidence to be who God wants you to be by helping you:

- Understand that true self-confidence is available through a relationship with Christ
- Overcome the temptation to play the comparison game, and learn to see yourself through God’s eyes
- Developing an inner strength to be the kind of girl you want to be

Girl Talk for Godly Living
As Tracie shares her personal testimony of mistakes, forgiveness, and finding purpose for her life, you will be reminded of the sacredness of not only sexual purity, but also the importance of purity in heart, mind and soul. Tracie leads you into a new understanding of why a relationship with Jesus is crucial to making Godly choices and living a life that is pleasing to Christ, but that His forgiveness, mercy and grace is always available when you make mistakes. You will be reminded of the treasures that you are in Gods eyes, and walk away with a new excitement for living for Christ by:

- Understanding the importance of purity in every area of your life
- Recognizing the depth of God’s forgiveness and mercy
- Discovering how to navigate adolescence with your faith intact
- Embracing the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with Christ

(this is a purity based, pro-life, anti-abortion message, which shares personal experiences with abortion, forgiveness, redemption, healing, and life purpose. It is a powerful message, geared primarily towards girls between the ages of 14 and 18)

Forever A Princess
Comparing the character traits of beloved fairy tale princesses to how we can live a life that fulfills our calling to be a Princess in the Kingdom of God, is a fun way to engage girls of any age to see themselves through Gods eyes. Who doesn’t want to be a princess? You will leave this session with a fresh and fun perspective about how precious, royal and valuable you are, and how you can discover how your true Prince Charming is Jesus Christ. You will leave this session feeling empowered to live for Christ as you:

- Learn how to have joy in life, even when life isn’t a fairy tale
- Embrace your value and beauty in Gods eyes by focusing on how He sees you
- Position yourself to be a Godly girl by learning how to love Christ in your every day life

Do you know about the Proverbs 31 blog site just for teens?! Check it out at, and you can click here to learn more about the Next Generation ministry.

To book Tracie for an event, please contact Barb Spencer with Proverbs 31 Ministries at, .

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