Retreat Planning Ideas

If you are an event planner or women’s ministry leader planning a weekend event, this information is just for you!  Below  I have put together a few retreat package suggestions, in addition to information about my brand new Stress Less Conference.

Retreats and events can include two, three or four topics (please see the Topics tab for full session descriptions), and fees vary depending on the number of sessions selected (click here for information about speaker fees). You may also email Sheila Mangum with any questions or to book an event.


This retreat is based on my new book, Stressed-less Living: Finding God's Peace In Your Chaotic World.  I would love to talk with you about bringing this conference to your church! Books signings can also be scheduled around the weekend agendas.

Goals of this conference:
Frazzled.        Frustrated.          Fatigued.
Overwhelmed.         Overworked.         Overloaded.
These words describe how most women feel as a result of stress being an epidemic in our society. This retreat helps women understand that they can they can live a life of peace, despite their circumstances, by learning to walk more intimately with Jesus. Women will be reminded of how attitude affects perspectives about life, and dig into God's Word to discover how Jesus handles stress in His life and how He understands what we are going through. This is a great opportunity to pamper your women, physically and spiritually, and send them home refreshed and re-energized to live a life with less stress.

Themes and Decorating Suggestions:
(Event planners are welcome to come up with their own themes if desired; these are just suggestions)

1. The Trip of a Lifetime:  Focus your conference around the theme of taking a cruise. Use photos
     of beautiful beaches, the tropics and serene beach sunsets for promotional materials.
     -Decorate with items which portray a nautical theme, tropical theme, or beach theme. Have large
     poster created of a peaceful beach scene to use as a backdrop for the speaker and musicians.

2. This Is The Life:  Focus your conference around the theme of a day at the spa. Use photos of
    peaceful places (lakes, rivers, beaches, front porches, rocking chairs,etc.) for promotional
    -Decorate with colors that are peaceful, such as soft blues, greens, and other soothing fresh
    colors. Use decorating items based on water themes, waterfalls, lush forests, spas. Gift bags could
    include decorate soaps, lotions, nail polish, or other spa items. 

Conference Schedule: 
This conference can be a Friday night/Saturday Conference, or an all day Saturday Conference. 

Stress-Less Sessions: 
Discovering The Real Problem
Staying Afloat in a Sea of Stress
Recharge Your Life

Retreat Theme Names: Color Me New; Divinely Designed: A Life Of Purpose; Life Matters
Goal: This retreat will result in changed hearts and changed lives as women discover a spiritual freedom like never before and see first hand how God really can use all things to His glory. Women will witness the power of spiritual and emotional healing, and discover how they can experience it for themselves. They will become acutely aware of how being freed from the bondage of shame and guilt can completely transform their life, and possibly recognize that they have inadvertently been listening to the lies of the enemy in their own lives.  As each woman leaves the retreat, she will feel freed from her past, more positive about her present, and equipped and empowered to be who God called her to be.
Theme Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Decorating Ideas: spring or fall colors (depending on event date); architectural or design oriented items; rainbows
Praise and Worship songs: Come Just As You; The Great I Am; The Revelation Song
Soloist: The Real Me; My Redeemer
Session Titles:
1. Taking Off The Masks
2. Loving The Woman In The Mirror
3. Turning Your Past Into Your Purpose
4. Embracing The Call

Retreat Theme Names: Living In Color; Reinventing Your Rainbow; A Weekend To Get Real; Colors of the Heart; The Color of Life
Goal: This retreat encourages women to see how God has been painting a rainbow in their lives through all of their good and bad experiences. They will glean a new perspective on how the colors of the rainbow can symbolize seasons of life, and how God’s covenant promise impacts our lives today. Women will experience healing and forgiveness, and be inspired to begin living a transparent life, through gaining confidence and courage to be real with themselves, with God, and with others. Women will leave with an increased understanding of how God can use all things to His glory, and how He can turn our past into our purpose if we are willing to trust Him, step out in faith and answer His call.
Theme Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Decorating Ideas: Mardi Gras masks; Rainbows; Colorful streamers; Pots of gold; Gold or rainbow colored linens;
Centerpiece Ideas: Shaped water pitchers with colored dye in each one; colored stones in glass bowls; colorful flowers; paper mache’ rainbows.
Praise and Worship Songs: The Revelation Song; Because We Are Forgiven; Come Just As You Are
Soloist: The Real Me; Heal Me
Session Titles:
1. Letting Your True Colors Shine Through (Taking Off The Masks)
2. Reinventing Your Rainbow (Turning Your Past Into Your Purpose)
3.Glorifying God With Your Rainbow (Embracing The Call)

Retreat Theme Names: The Woman God Sees; Seeing God’s Reflection In You; Treasure Seeking Weekend; Searching For Treasure
Goal: This retreat will help women stop the self destructive pattern of comparing ourselves to others, and learn to see the treasure that we are in God’s eyes. They will be reminded of the importance of treasuring Christ in our hearts, and embracing the truth that Christ loves them despite their mistakes, sins, flaws and insecurities. Women will have the opportunity to embrace a new sense of identity, as they recognize that their value lies in who they are in Christ and they are a treasure to Him.
Theme Verse: Exodus 19:5; Jeremiah 29:11-13
Decorating Ideas: Large mirrors with words written on them; silver mirrored paper for reflection activities; a feeling of elegance could be obtained through hats, ribbons, candles, etc, since we are elegant in God's eyes; feminine decorations like lace, satin, makeup, nail polish, etc.
Bonus: Activity/workshop Idea: 1. Have attendees make a collage out of pictures from women's magazines that either expresses how they are currently feeling, current struggles in life, or how they would like life to be. Use their collages as a discussion point for turning to God with our insecurities. 2. Have craft supplies available for mask making; have women create the invisible mask that they may have been wearing, either in a serious or comical fashion.
Centerpiece ideas: shaped mirrors with elegant candles; black and white elegant theme; Or a beauty theme, with makeup/hair accessories, spa themed items; Or Treasure theme; jewels/jewelry boxes; faux pearls.
Soloist: The Real Me; Heal Me; This One’s With Me: Who Am I; One Touch
Session Titles:
1. Taking Off The Masks
2. Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life
3. Learning To Love the Woman In The Mirror

Retreat Theme Names: All About Attitude; Positive Outlook, Positive Life; Mind Over Matter; The Dream Life; Mind and Soul Wellness Weekend
Goal:  Women will be reminded of how our attitude affects our entire perspective about life, and the importance of allowing God to transform and renew our attitudes every day. They will walk away with a better understanding of how and why Jesus truly understands negative circumstances, frustration and discouragement, and how we can find peace as we walk intimately with Him and listen for His voice.
Theme Verse:  Ephesians 4:23-24
Decorating Ideas: Any items that symbolize peace (crosses, clouds, blue skies, peace symbols, etc); spa themed/relaxation items; soothing soundscapes or relaxation music; ocean themed items; boats or marine theme; beach/sun-fun-surf theme.
Soloist: Come Just As You Are; Praise You In This Storm; Jesus Take The Wheel; Held; He Will Carry Me
Session Titles:
1. You've God A Friend In me
2. Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life
3. Woman Overboard: Finding A Ribbon of Calm In A Sea of Stress

Retreat Theme Names: Daughters of the King; A Royal Weekend; Women of Royalty; His Princess
Goal: This weekend encourages women to see themselves as ordinary people, in the hands of an extraordinary God, and brings humor and fun by pulling in comparisons from fairy tale princesses. Women will leave with a renewed sense of their identity in Christ, and a new perspective on who they are, and where their personal worth comes from. Attendees will also experience a new perspective on how to hear from God in their life, and how to live a life that is intimately connected with Him. Women will walk away feeling royal and motivated to live a life that exudes God's power within them.
Decorating Ideas: crowns, jewels, faux jewelry and necklaces, linens and decorations with royal colors, such as purple, indigo, ivory and red; princess/queen themed items.
Theme Verse: Psalm 45:11
Soloist: Who Am I; Fly Away; Come Just As You Are
Session Titles:
1. Forever A Princess
2. Empowered By A Whisper
3. Loving The Woman In The Mirror

Retreat Theme Names: Women Under Construction; A Work in Progress; Divinely Designed; Deeper and Wider
Goal: This retreat gives women an opportunity to purify their hearts, minds and souls by getting real with God, themselves and others. We often forget that our walk with Christ is a daily challenge that requires digging deep into His Word and His Spirit. Women will leave inspired to live an authentic life for Christ and allow Christ to work through them to do extraordinary things. Upon truly realizing that we are continually being molded and built into the woman God created us to be, women embrace the opportunity to live a life that glorifies Christ and draws others to His love.
Decorating Ideas: ladders, saw horses, plastic drip sheets, paint brushes, tool boxes; construction masks or hard hats; tool aprons; buckets as centerpieces with building tools in them; orange/yellow construction color themes; floral arrangements in paint cans;
Theme Verse: Proverbs 14:1
Soloist: The Real Me; Come Just As You Are
Session Titles:
1. Shedding The Hard Hats (Taking Off The Masks)
2. Designed by God (Loving The Woman In The Mirror)
3. Stepping Off The Ladder (Embracing The Call)

Retreat Theme Names: The Sweet Life: Satisfying Your Craving For A Sweeter Walk with Christ; Jesus and Chocolate
Goal: This retreat puts a fun spin on the sweet, savory goodness that Christ brings into our life when we make Him a priority and foster an intimate friendship with Him. Women will learn how to hear from God in the unique ways that He chooses to speak, and be inspired to take a leap of faith in serving Him, allowing Him to do extraordinary things with us ordinary people.
Decorating: Candy themed decorations and giveaways; Candyland items; Fondue fountains; Old-timey candy store appearance; Valentines theme;
Centerpiece Ideas: Colorful candy items and balloons; small boxes of various sizes put under a table cloth, and a mountain of candy built in the center of the table; bowls of chocolate kisses or over sized large chocolate kiss candies; different colors and sizes of heart decorations.
Theme Verse: Psalm 34:8
Goal: This retreat is focused on helping women understand the importance and necessity for spending time with God and building an intimate relationship with Him. They will be encouraged to deepen their walk with Him through daily reflection and prayer. Women will feel a new hunger and thirst for being passionate about serving God and others with their life.
Session Titles:
1. Food For the Heart (You've Got A Friend In me)
2. Savory Moments (Empowered By A Whisper)
3. Nourished for The Journey (Embracing The Call)

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