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Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! On this page, I want to help you understand more about me, by first sharing with you who I am not, and secondly sharing with you who I am.


I am not..... one of "those" speakers whose primary goal is to reference lots of bible verses and provide a generic, non-impactful message.

I am not..... a speaker with a packaged arrangement of well rehearsed, cookie-cutter sermons which leaves the listener wondering why or how the message could apply to them.

I am not.... a speaker who puts on a a "professional speaker" mask and pretends that everything in her life, including her walk with God, is perfect.

 I am not..... a speaker who focuses more on preparing a flawless presentation, than praying for the wounded hearts of her audience.

I AM: 

I am..... a speaker who is not afraid to communicate from the heart and provide an audience with life application, not just scriptural information.

I am..... a speaker whose primary goal is to connect with her audience through honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and simply being real.

I am..... a speaker who wants to motivate women to depend on Christ in their everyday lives.

I am..... a woman who has seen the power of God at work in her life, and as a result, possesses a passion to help other women embrace God's sovereignty.

I am..... a woman who has learned that God loves her unconditionally, despite her mistakes, and who finds great joy in helping other women understand they are loved and adored by Him as well.

I am..... a believer who has witnessed God's peace in the midst of great turmoil, and who now longs to help other women discover how to tap into peace which surpasses understanding. 

I am.... a child of God, flawed and imperfect, yet a walking testimony of how He can use all good and bad things for His glory.

I am..... a passionate believer of Jesus who feels compelled to share the Gospel in such a way that will inspire other women to live out their lives with intentional faith.

About this blog:

The goal of my blog is to inspire women to live intentionally for Christ by posting two to three times per week about spiritual insight gleaned through my own imperfect walk with God. I frequently share personal experiences and spiritual lessons I have learned, in the hopes of touching the hearts of other women who might need a word of encouragement.

My posts are always intended to enlighten readers about how God is alive and active in the big and small occurrences of our normal lives, and will always be based on the infallible truths of God's Word. I love to connect with readers and hear about how God is using this blog to His glory.

I would love to invite you to subscribe to my blog, so that we can stay connected!  Simply enter your email into the blue box on the right hand side bar. Upon hitting submit, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription request. Click on the link in the email, add me to your safe sender's list, and you are all set! Don't worry - you are able to unsubscribe at any time if desired, and I will never sell or share your information.


Top Posts: 

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My professional biography:

Tracie is an national conference speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a monthly contributing writer for the Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement For Today online email devotions which reach over 500,000 people around the world every day, and are also featured on Crosswalk and Biblegateway. She is also a contributing writer for the P31 Woman Magazine, and has an active ministry blog.  She is a published author of two books: Reinventing Your Rainbow (2006) and Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace In Your Chaotic World (Release date Oct 2, 2012).

After graduating from UNC Charlotte, Tracie spent fifteen years climbing the corporate ladder before having her heart completely transformed at a powerful women’s conference, where she felt God calling her to be a speaker and a writer. 

Tracie is a mother of three wonderful children, living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been married to her husband Michael for twenty two years. They live in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tracie is actively involved in her church where she has been a member for seventeen years, and served as a leader in women's ministry for six years before heeding God's call to be a speaker. In addition to her ministry speaking schedule, Tracie is a Freelance Corporate Trainer for Fortune 500 companies, teaching life management, stress management, leadership, team building and performance improvement skills.

My statement of faith:

The sole basis of my Christian belief is the Bible, God's written Word, including the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.  I believe that His word was uniquely, verbally and completely inspired by the Holy Spirit. I believe it is written without error, and that it is the final, supreme authority in all matters on which it speaks.

I believe in the Holy Trinity, beginning with God the Father, who created heaven and earth. I believe He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for all sinners, so that we would inherit eternal life.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, who resides within me, transforming my spirit, guiding my actions, and shaping my heart.  I believe that whoever believes in the Savior, Jesus Christ, and commits their life to Him,  will live a life of abundance and fulfillment, and one day spend eternity with Him in heaven.


Contact Information: 

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What Others Are Saying: 

We couldn’t have been more pleased.  It was so apparent that God was with us all weekend and he absolutely spoke through Tracie!  We had women ready to register for next year before they left because they were so moved.
Kristy, Buncombe United Methodist, Greenville, SC

The experience I had at the retreat has been life changing.  Thank you for sharing your story and for having God speak to me through you.  I came home and wrote about my experience because I  never want to forget.  It is one of the last things I need to do to lay my mask down at the altar.  I too, have heard God tell me to share my story but out of shame, I kept it to myself.  This past weekend I have been set free.  A thank you does not seem enough…….
Retreat Attendee, Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Cape May, NJ

We were so pleased with Tracie and she did a great job of connecting with our ladies!
Cindy, Church of Chapel Hill, Douglasville, GA

We are the ones that were blessed. Thank you, Tracie, for your obedience and the example that you set for the women of our church.  We are grateful to have a message that comes alive in the hearts of so many.  You did great and know that you touched many.  We are enjoying the lingering memory of worship and word that happened this past weekend. 
Kathleen, Zarephath Christian Church, Zarephath, NJ

Tracie, we received a powerful testimony in email after the conference. It is further confirmation that God has a plan for each of our lives and I am so blessed that YOU were included in His plan for so many hurting women this weekend. 
Shirley, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Peoria, IL 

When I started looking for a speaker for our event, every time I went to Proverbs 31 website I was drawn to Tracie.  I prayed about the choice but God seemed to lead me back to her every time.  She was all and more I was hoping for.  I felt like I had known her forever when she arrived.  Not only myself, but the ladies have commented on her gentle spirit and friendliness.  Her message was one we all needed to be reminded of and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Donna, Temple Baptist, Simpsonville, SC

The feedback from the ladies at the church was great!  The surveys were filled with positive comments.  Many ladies left so encouraged and excited to move forward!  Thank you so much for the time you put into this, for heeding the Spirit's direction and for sharing your heart with the women of Riva Trace.  I believe that you struck a chord with many who attended, and  I've heard stories of ladies who opened up/removed masks who had never before felt free enough to be quite so vulnerable.  I know that the Holy Spirit moved among the retreat, but I know it's in large part due to your transparency and willingness to be real. Consistent, relevant, Spirit-inspired... perfect!
Kim, Riva Trace Baptist, Riva, MD

Tracie spoke at our event and was amazing.  She had an amazing connection  with our audience of 225 women.  It was incredible and her teachings were bible based as well as intertwined with personal stories that made her really special. She was also available for prayer later and women really spoke highly of her.
Yvonne, North River Community Church, Pembroke, MA

This was a very special annual event for our ladies and it was a pleasure having Tracie as a guest speaker. We were very pleased with Tracie's message and presentation and she related well with our audience. 
Gail, Durham Memorial, Charlotte, NC

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