Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valuable One on One Time

Last night, my 8 year old son and I had some much needed one on one time. For weeks, probably months, he has been asking me for a "mommy-son night out". I have made a practice of having "mommy-daughter nights out" with my daughters too since they were small, and he was in need of another special night of his own.

Our life is just so busy, sometimes it is hard to make time for anything else besides the normal pulls of every day activities. But last night it worked out perfectly. One daughter was away at camp, one daughter was at cheerleading practice, and my husband was at a football meeting. So me and my little Michael, whom we call Little Buddy, took advantage of our evening, and had a wonderful time together.

He got to choose the agenda, so first we went to Outback, his favorite restaurant other than Chick Fil A, and had a delicious dinner.

Then, he wanted to go bowling. Not my favorite past time, but we had a great time just doing something together. Believe it or not, I had 3 strikes! I was pretty amazed at my bowling capabilities, even after years and years of not bowling, and a bad case of tennis elbow. But Michael still beat me fair and square in one game (and we only played two!).

Last but not least, he had to have his daily dose of chocolate ice cream, his favorite food which he honestly believes belongs in one of the four major food groups. It was a sweet time with my little boy!

But what touched my heart the most, was how special he felt. The whole evening he just glowed. He snuggled with me at dinner, refusing to sit on the other side of the booth because he wanted to be close to me. He spontaneously would give me tight little man hugs, and tell me all kinds of stories about his friends and video games.

But the evening got even sweeter, when on the way home, as he licked his precious ice cream, he said, "mom, you better take a picture of me right now." And I said, "how come?", Then he said, " because I dont think my smile could get any bigger".

Aaawwww! What a sweetheart. Sniff, sniff. His heart was so happy, and his love tank was full to the rim. Amazing what a little one on one time can do. I only regret I didnt make time for it sooner.

I had a thought - do you think God ever feels that way about us? Do you think he ever asks us for weeks or months to spend some one on one time with Him, but we are just always too busy? Do you think that His heart would be filled and the smile on His face would be bigger than ever before, if we actually set aside time to spend only with Him, and focused only on Him?

I imagine the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. I want to make God smile - I believe I will schedule in a little one on one time for Him today too. What about you?

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Those are moments that he will treasure for ever. Isn't it amazing how much a little night like that means to our blessings? Such a great reminder. You're one FAB-U-LOUS mom.:)

alichia said...

I'm a mom of have just reminded me of how important that one on one time is. I feel like my oldest (almost 14) and my youngest (3), probably get a pretty good dose of that, but those middle 2 could use a little more. I like that your reminded us of how Jesus wants to spend time with us too and wow, the blessings we receive when we take that time.

Iva said...

Well, your post inspired me. 1) To spend more time with God - first and foremost. I don't spend nearly enough and I desperately want to figure out a way to 'fit it all in'.

2) I want to carve that time out with both kids. Most of the time, it's the three of us running errands. On occasion, on kiddo will come with me while the other stays with the man beast, but more often than not, it's the crew of us going into town.

I need to start doing this - otherwise, I'm just going to lose them both.

Thanks for the lovely post.

Diane said...

Wow - that sounded like one great time! And he is just the cutest little guy! Love that smile. Think maybe my three year old needs some mommy time; not just running errands with me! And when you think of the benefits of being with our children ... the benefits of being with God are even greater. Thanks for the great post!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I, too, have an almost 8 year old son that would value son one on one with mom. I'm going to make a date with him tomorrow. And tonight? I'm making a date with Jesus. Such a simple reminder, but one that I needed.



Laurie Ann said...

Tracie, what a precious night ya'll had! I loved his comment about you needing to take a picture because his smile couldn't get any bigger. I pray I give God snapshot opportunities like that. In your challenge to faith, I got my quiet time back on track. I rise early for that one-on-one time with God and oh, how I need it daily! I long for it and guard it selfishly now.

Wendy Pope said...

I love to make my Heavenly Father smile. And He does every time I choose Him.

One on one with Jesus-there is not better way.

Great ice cream smile!

Mari said...

He is such a cutie pie, inside and out. He's definitely going to make some lucky lady a good husband. So glad you got to spend some one on one time with him. Kids do really need that.

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Tracie!

What a handsome young man! :) You can see his contented smile being with mom, bowling and having ice cream!

Yes, I think God just wants that time with us. Just had my quiet time. It's always sweet...the most important part and my favorite time of my day.


Joyful said...

So sweet Tracie! My "Little Chum" (what I've always called my son) is now 16 years old. I find it more of a challenge to have those mother-son dates as these teen years have hit, simply because it's not "cool" to be out with your mom. However, breakfast out usually works well for us.

I was almost drooling over that icecream. Chocolate icecream is my weakness. I think your son is right - it should be one of the four major food groups!!!

Have a great day,

Holly said...

Awwww...your son is sooo adorable Tracie!