Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breakfast Buddy

Do you have a breakfast buddy? This term evolved in our house a couple years ago when I would try to convince my then 7 year old son to get up and get ready for school. The every day murmurs of "I hate school", and "school is boring", and "I dont want to get up", was starting to get old.

One day, I had an idea, and told little Michael that if he hurried, we could sit down and eat breakfast together, instead of grabbing pop tarts as we rushed out the door in our normal early morning chaos trying to beat the tardy bells at school. His face lit up, and he seemed excited about that! Then I got excited, because I not only found a way to motivate him to get up without groaning, but it gave him something to look forward to, and we had a few precious, peaceful moments to spend together.

Ever since then, I hear those sweet words practically every morning, unless he gets up early on the weekends while I am still sleeping and quietly sneaks off to play the Wii without any sisterly interruption. Many mornings, I open my eyes to him standing at my bed, looking directly into my face, and saying "come on breakfast buddy, Im hungry".

Recently God impressed upon my heart that He wants to be my breakfast buddy too. I am sure God has stood at the foot of my bed in the early morn, and summoned me to be His breakfast buddy, but instead I chose to roll over the try to go back to sleep. The Bible even tells us that He wants us to get up early in the morning to spend time with Him, but most of us would rather choose more zzzzzzz's over getting up and focusing on something.

Last week on one cold morning, the heat was running, I was all snuggly in my bed, and the covers seemed especially comfy.... but I awoke at 4:30am. I tried to go back to sleep, but sleep just wouldnt come. I felt in my heart that God wanted me to be His breakfast buddy that morning, and after a awhile, I finally gave in.

I got up and started a pot of coffee, anxiously awaiting for the perking to stop so I could put my new peppermint creamer in it, and sat down on the couch with my Bible. I flipped through various passages, each one speaking something to my heart that would help me get through the day, or give me some comfort about a problem I had been facing. I felt rejuvenated the whole day, and even though I had risen early, I was full of energy. It was even better than breakfast!

Have you been in need of a breakfast buddy lately? Have you felt God calling you to spend time with him, but busyness or negligence seems to stand in the way? I dont think that God can ever have too many breakfast buddies, so think about answering His call tomorrow morning.

I still eat breakfast with my little man/breakfast buddy every day, and as much as possible, I try to make God my breakfast buddy too. I also know that where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there also. Only two bowls of cereal are on the table, but I know that three chairs are filled.

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Haroldly said...

You are so right, and i can totally understand you, cuz it has happened to me...sheets are so comfty, and the bed...Oh my! and im like just out of obedience...but then again, just like you my whole day works entirely.

anyways, have a great day!



Joyful said...

Tracie this post paints such a precious picture. I am an early riser - not so much because I love mornings, but because over the years I have stayed committed to starting my day with the Lord. The alarm goes off at 5:50am Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday or holidays when the alarm isn't set so that my husband can sleep, I pray and ask the Lord to wake me in the morning - and He does! He doesn't want to miss this time either.

Is it always easy? NO!!!! The warmth of my bed always entices me to stay, but discipline calls me to make a choice - a choice of staying physically warmer for a few more minutes or the opportunity for God's Word to set my heart on fire - a fire that will wrap me in His love for the rest of my day.

Sharing breakfast with you across the miles,

Wendy said...

I love it! I am so guilty of rolling over and trying to enjoy a few more minutes of sleep. Tomorrow I'll look for my time with my breakfast buddy.

Thanks Tracie!!

Pam said...

I have been feeling called by God lately to get up before my family and spend time with him. There are still a lot of mornings when I roll over and go back to sleep, but I am working on turning every morning into a morning spent with God. I too find my day runs so much smoother.