Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anticipating A Miracle

I have to admit, my heart has been burdened the past few months. There are lots of things going on in my life, and not all of them are easy to deal with. In fact some of them, seem impossible to face; impossible to change; impossible to accept.

There are a few situations in particular that seem very heavy. A little overwhelming. Maybe even a little hopeless. I have prayed and prayed and prayed about them. I have shed tears over them. I have asked God to make them better. I have pleaded with God to let me see how He is working in it. And although some days are better than others, I havent seen any major changes occur yet. But I continue to pray.

In the Chronological Bible I am reading, the past two daily readings have been about Moses in Exodus 4. One thing that caught my attention this week while reading this familiar story is the lack of confidence that Moses had in Gods request for him to talk to Pharaoh about letting His people go. God told Moses several times that He would be with him, and that he was to show the miraculous signs to Pharaoh to prove that the message was indeed from God, but still, Moses answered "Lord Im not qualified!" and "Lord, I just dont believe miracles can happen, even if you are with me!" (my paraphrasing of course).

I find this a little hard to take in. Now I can fully relate to feeling unqualified for a task that God has called me to do, and have even been in the position of saying no to God, and questioning His request, before finally submitting to His command. However, I cant help but wonder how Moses could be talking to God one on one, in a two way conversation, clearly hearing His voice, and still have doubts! In fact, he even argued with Him, to the point that the Lord got angry with Moses and decided to send Aaron instead! (vs 4:14)

This morning I started my morning out in the usual way, and opened my email to read the daily Proverbs 31 Devotion, and today it was titled "You Are Not Alone", written by my friend Wendy.

As I read the devotion, I recognized that the story was also about Moses, and his leading Gods people out of Egypt and out of slavery. It discussed the fear that the Israelites all felt in their hearts and how the obstacles before them (The Red Sea) and the Pharaohs army closely behind them, made their situation seem impossible. A miracle was the last thing they were expecting. They felt hopeless and desperate.

Ive read this story of dozens of times in the past, but there was one particular sentence Wendy wrote in this devotion that really struck me. She simply stated that "Gods people had no idea the miracle that awaited them". I tried to continue reading the devotion, but my eyes kept diverting back to that sentence.

Then it dawned on me..... God just might have a miracle waiting for me too.

I kneeled, and surrendered to the fact that I really dont have any idea what miracles may be awaiting me.

Just maybe He will miraculously heal my sick loved ones, even though science says it cant be done.

Maybe he will miraculously solve the financial concerns of a family member, even though the state of the economy tries to make us believe otherwise.

Maybe he will heal a struggling relationship, even though real change seems to be out of reach.

Maybe, I have just been too much like Moses lately.

I have doubted Gods plan, because of my own lack of confidence. I have doubted Gods ability to work through me, because I am not able to make the changes happen on my own strength. I have doubted Gods power to make miracles happen, because I tend to depend on what seems realistic, instead of the power of prayer.

So today, I asked God to forgive me for my unbelief, my shortage of confidence in myself and in Him, and my hesitation to trust that He can do miracles in my life.

And today, I am praying for those miracles to happen. My heart is excited, because I am now anxiously anticipating a miracle. They may not happen today, tomorrow, this year, and maybe never, but I am not going to let my own doubt prevent me from anticipating it that it could happen. I choose to believe that God still performs miracles, and that He will perform them as His will needs to be carried out.

If you are feeling all alone, ask God to make His presence known to you today Ask Him to lead you to some bible passages, devotions or special stories that will speak directly to what you need from Him to hear from Him today. Ask and you shall recieve.

And if you need some miracles in your life, dont just pray for them, expect them!

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Wendy Blight said...

What a beautiful post on your blog today. I am so thankful that the Lord took the words He poured into my heart, the Hope He gave me so many years ago and used it to speak directly into your difficult circumstances. That was my prayer when I woke up this morning. I pray for your miracle, Tracie, and I know our Faithful God will reveal it in His perfect time. Until then, trust He is working in the darkness on your behalf!!

Love you, friend

Joyful said...

Expecting a miracle with you and for you. So thankful for the hope He has breathed into your heart today.

Praying for you and your concerns,
With love,

Angie said...

So many times we pray for the results that we feel will work the best for us. We do need to pray expecting His plan to be shown to us and to remember...Let go and let God.
I will continue to remember you and your family in prayer.
Thank you for what you do and how your words bless many of us.


Micca said...

Yes, as Christians are lives should be marked by miracles! For what's imppossible with God---NOTHING!!
Thanks for the reminder!

JottinMama said...

I can very much relate to your thoughts in this post. So glad I came across it today! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I needed that :)

Believing with you,
Kate :)

Stacey said...