Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why me?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "why me?"

I think we all do at times, and normally when we are thinking that, it is probably right smack in the middle of a difficult situation. Then the deeper we get into the situation, the more likely we are to slip into the mindset of thinking that if we love, trust, honor and follow God, that we should be spared from trials and therefore, why are we suffering? Does God not love us?

Take a moment right now - and think about what you have been feeling lately. Mentally fill in the blank here:

Why me God? Why am I having to deal with _____________________________?

Now take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Every person alive sometimes feels that we have received far more than our fair share of hardships.

Having those thoughts is normal, however, if we allow that to become our habitual way of thinking every day, it can potentially take a toll on our faith walk.

If we walk around thinking that if it were not for bad luck, we would have no luck at all, or if we maintain a general outlook about how life is not fair..... then we can become angry and frustrated with God, and eventually may even choose to walk away from Him - either purposely or inadvertently.

Scripture tells us that in this life we will have troubles, but that God is there with us through them all. Psalm 34:19 A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all.

I also came across this passage below and loved it. Psalm 73, the Message Bible version:

Psalm 73:1-5 No doubt about it! God is good— good to good people, good to the good-hearted. But I nearly missed it, missed seeing his goodness. I was looking the other way, looking up to the people At the top, envying the wicked who have it made, Who have nothing to worry about, not a care in the whole wide world.

11-14 What's going on here? Is God out to lunch? Nobody's tending the store. The wicked get by with everything; they have it made, piling up riches. I've been stupid to play by the rules; what has it gotten me? A long run of bad luck, that's what—a slap in the face every time I walk out the door.

Isnt that just like us? We not only think "why me?", but that leads us to start thinking "why them?". Why do they not have the same problems, why are things easier for them, why did they get something that I wanted... blah, blah, blah. Know what I mean?

Either way we pose the question, it leads to disharmony with God.

What would happen if we began thinking about all the good things that God has done in our life, instead of focusing on the bad things that God has ordained or allowed in our life?

For example: Why was I..............
- blessed with a wonderful spouse
- blessed with children to love
- blessed with a home to live in and a car to drive
- blessed with employment
- blessed with the ability to stay at home with my children
- blessed with clothes
- blessed with health
- blessed to live in America or another great country
- blessed to have family who loves me
- blessed with intelligence and the resources to be educated
- blessed with the freedom of speech and religion
- blessed with.............(I'll let you fill in the blanks from here with your own thoughts)

It seems that the antidote for curing the "why me?" syndrome, is to begin asking why we are blessed, not just why we suffer. And secondly, to ask ourselves what we ever did to deserve our blessings? When we think about things that way, it gives us a new perspective about what we are dealing with.

I have found in my own life that no matter how many reasons I can come up with to think "why me", that the number of blessings that I have been granted far out-number the difficulties.

I realize that in the whole scheme of things, my problems are minimal compared to what other people may be faced with.

I realize that my problems do not have to weigh me down, because I can lay them at the feet of Jesus and walk away from them with confidence, knowing that God is in control.

I remember that God has used hardships in the past to draw me closer to Him, and that He can do the same thing again as I walk through current situations.

I remember that I am given grace and eternal life, even though I do not deserve it, instead of death and a life apart from God, which I do deserve.

So, not why me, but why not me? No one has ever been spared from trials, and nor should I, despite how much I love Jesus. In fact, facing difficult circumstances is actually a sign that He is working in my life.

1 Peter 1:6-7 says "In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7 These have come so that your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may be proved genuine and may result in praise,..."

And even if I cant rejoice over my trials, I still believe one very important truth.........

Romans 8:28 says "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,[a] who[b] have been called according to his purpose."

Do you believe that verse is true? I have seen it to be proved true in my life, and as a result, no matter how painful a circumstance may be in my heart, deep down I truly believe that God has a purpose for it; a way to bring someone to Christ or glorify Him in some way; and a way for His divine will to be carried out.

A great way to start out a new week, is to start it out with a fresh perspective. A perspective that looks for the positive in the negative and a perspective that searches for Gods activity, rather than Gods inactivity.

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Joyful said...

Tracie, I feel like you've been given eyes into my heart.

Over the past three weeks I have written the very questions you have posed here. I am asking why. My heart is hurting as I'm watching for God's Hand, and instead of seeing the situation improve, I'm just seeing pain.

Filling in your blank I would write, "Why am I having to deal with watching my Daddy slip away from us, and no-one seeming to care or attend to his needs?" I have been frustrated. I don't understand. I'm confused. I'm looking for that "delivery" you mentioned in Psalm 34:19

I am looking for God's goodness, but the fog is so thick, it's hard. " matter how painful a circumstance may be in my heart, deep down I truly believe that God has a purpose for it;" Tracie, I do believe that...but hanging on to that truth is difficult.

Needing a glimpse of God,

Angie said...

Why me God? Why am I having to deal with loneliness and unhappiness?

A month ago this would have been my question with no answer. Today, I have an answer.

I have had to confront some painful past mistakes that carried me too far from God. At times feeling that happiness was not suppose to be for me. Through the years of trying to handle my life, by myself, trying to find happiness on my own, He was always at arms length waiting for me to reach out to Him and take His hand and hear Him say, "Do you want me to help you now?"

Why was I blessed with...a second chance? Because God is a forgiving and loving God to His children. He will allow us to go so far before it is time to be reeled back in. Sometimes it is when we are so far down that we can't do anything but look up.

So why did I have to deal with loneliness and unhappiness... To bring me to where I stand now. Closer to God than I believe I have ever been before. To an understanding that no matter what I do, He will never leave me. To realize that I do need Him in ALL areas of my life. To totally rely on Him to guide me in fixing broken relationships.

Do I stand here now without any problems on my heart? Absolutely not. But now my burden has been laid at the feet of Jesus and I can walk away knowing He is with me and will guide me to where He wants me to be.

Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

Wonderful message. I can identify with your statement, "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all," a little too well. I have said that on many occasions. Thank you for the eye opener. I will definately try to improve in this area.