Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I woke up this morning, and after laying in my warm, cozy bed for a few minutes, hearing my daughters getting ready for school upstairs, and seeing the streaks of sunshine peaking through the blinds in my bedroom.... I thanked God for life.

You see, yesterday on my way home, I got caught in a 4 mile long parking lot on the interstate near my home. What should have been a twenty minute trip, took over an hour, as I crept inch by inch, at about 2 miles an hour, for miles.

As we got closer to the accident scene, I tried to determine what had happened, and immediately knew that it couldnt be good. There were at least six police cars with flashing lights, positioned strategically around a vehicle covered with blankets; a fire truck and an ambulance, but all the firemen and EMT personnel were standing around talking; a blinking road sign, directing all the cars into one lane; and a news helicopter hovering above the location of the accident.

I found myself praying for the people involved in the accident, even though it wasnt a car that I recognized, and felt sure I didnt know the people involved. I told my children that they should say a little prayer for them too, because surely there was a family right now - who was receiving some terrible news, about the loss of a brother, sister, child, mother, father, or friend.

The evening news confirmed my suspicions, and a 71 year old man had died in this accident. A man, obviously young at heart, driving a shiny silver convertible, enjoying the crisp air and beautiful sunshine, and then life was over. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Tragically.

I try to be consistent in my thankfulness to God for my blessings in life, but I have to admit, I rarely thank God for the simple gift of life. For the gift of waking up each morning. For the gift of each breath that fills my lungs. For my sight, For my sense of touch. For my hearing.

Life can be hard, challenging, disappointing, and sometimes painful. Life can also be fun, exciting, fulfilling, and brilliant. But either way, life is so fragile, and so precious. The number one blessing. Let us simply be thankful for life today.

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B His Girl said...

It is true. Each day is a gift. B

Joyful said...

Tracie, I too always pray whenever I hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle, whether I see the accident or not...someone's life is needing a touch from God.

Life is so precious. Thanks for this reminder. Even the pain in life has a purpose, and if we're still breathing, God still has a plan for us.

Thank you for your beautiful message last night. The verse from The Message is such an encouragement. I have printed out your prayer, along with those from others, and am trusting in the Lord to guide and direct this day.

Giving it all to Jesus,