Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enjoying All The "Firsts"

Heavy sigh.

Today, is the first day of school.

For many parents, the beginning of school is a day to rejoice - freedom has returned!

Less entertaining and trying to keep the kids occupied all day, and more time to get stuff done.

Less sibling rivalry (at least until after 4pm) and more peace and quiet.

Less dirty dishes around the house, and more time to keep up with chores.

Less summer camps to transport to and from, and more gas that stays in the car.

Less money spent when you are out and have to grab a quick bite to eat (since there is one mom, instead of one mom and many kids), and more money to spend on other necessities.

Regardless of how much we love our kids, we all have differing feelings about when school starts back, and as for me, I feel a little sad.

Even though I might have less of some things that I didnt enjoy, I also have less of many things that I adored, and then I miss them.

I miss lazy mornings in bed, days at the pool, and visits to the beach. I miss the endless movies watched time and time again; my kids friends hanging out at our house; shopping on a whim; and summer nights on the deck.

I miss lots of time to talk and laugh, and even argue, but in the end, time that was well spent together.

I miss annoying pleas to play Monopoly, for the hundredth time.

I miss whines of boredom, although they are not my favorite, that drown out empty sounds of a silent house.

In fact, I think I might even miss the daily routine wakeup question in my house - "mom, what are we doing today?"

But even though there are things I will miss, the school year always brings new "firsts", and this year I seem to have more than my fair share.

Morgan is a Junior this year, already a pro at the trying years of high school. But she has taken on a new sport this year for the first time, and is ready for an exciting year as she grows up.

But my other two "firsts" are disturbing me even more - Kaitlyn will be a Freshman in high school, and my baby - little Michael as we call him - will be a 6th grader in middle school (a middle school Freshman, per se).

To top that off - Morgan has a new drivers license and a new car, so she will be driving herself, and Kaitlyn, to school. Yikes. Be still my beating heart. I had to say a little prayer as I watched them drive out of the driveway this morning. (Note to self: fight off all overwhelming urges to call yourself old and ancient.)

I dont know about you other moms and dads out there, but that is way too many "firsts" in one day in my opinion! Maybe you are better at handling "firsts" than I am, but for some reason, each and every one brings tears to my eyes, and the reality that my babies are growing up.

My heart skips a beat as I realize what wonderful children they have become, and I await a lot of skipped beats which will occur as I witness their new "firsts" in the coming years.

But thankfully, I know that all the "firsts" to come, may sometimes bring tears, and sometimes bring great joy, but that I will trust that God will be right in the middle of each and every one of them. It may seem like a "first" for us, but God is a pro at them all.

If any of you have kids starting school this week, or "firsts" of your own that are tearing at your heart strings, let us know about them so we can all pray for each other!

I pray you have a wonderful week of "firsts"!

(Above is a picture of my 3 precious ones on their first day of school today - all of whom thought picture taking was completely unnecessary. But thats okay. Smiles.)

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Anonymous said...

I've had some of the same firsts...my baby is a 6th grader also. A new job placement for me, which is turning out very well so far. My children growing up always makes me feel bittersweet. I wonder if God feels like that with us?