Saturday, September 18, 2010

Special Giveaway for Moms!

Last week I felt led to talk about parenting - a subject that is near and dear to my heart. And guess what, my sweet P31 sister Suzie Eller is doing an incredible, and unheard of type of giveaway on the same subject! She is giving away 100 free copies of her book called The Mom I Want To Be.

If you want to get signed up to be a possible winner for one of Suzie's books, just click on this link and leave a comment on her blog, answering one of her questions below, which are part of a follow up to her P31 devotion that ran on Friday. Good luck!

(excerpt from Suzie's blog)
Have you thought about trying to outgive God? What does that mean to you personally? In what ways can you be more generous? What is God speaking to your heart, and what are the challenges?

Answer one of the questions or just leave a comment and Suzie will enter you in a drawing for 100 giveaways of her book, The Mom I Want to Be: Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future. This book shares Suzie’s story, but also practical and spiritual help for any person who desires to heal, let go, forgive, move forward and give their child a safe and loving home.

It’s a great interactive personal study, but also awesome for MOPS groups, women’s Bible studies, or for that special loved one in your life who had a challenging past, and wants to give their children something greater.

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Anonymous said...

Parenting is not easy. I have two college age that are doing great and a 12 year old that hates me on a regular basis these days! But I am not giving up. Thanks for reminding me that we have God to help us on those tough days and at tough times. Keep writing, you are great!
Mary B.

Anonymous said...


Your transparency to be a Godly parent is so inspiring and thank you for sharing as it encourages us to pray, be in the Word and to seek God with all our heart in all things, especially our parenting. Just today our 20 year old who goes to our local community college told my husband and I that we don't listen to him; we aren't open to his ideas and opinions. Ouch big time. That opened the door for a lot of reflection and the possibility for me to go "south" with my thinking--to allow Satan's lies to fill my head that I'm a terrible mom; have been a terrible mom. But, I decided to pray instead for God's protection over our son's mind, heart, body, soul, and for us to be better Godly listeners. Our job is never done as our heart is forever attached to our children. We love them and always pray for their needs, concerns, desires, no matter what age. But, the rewards are so very great and gratifying. Thankfully, God is there in the rough times, too.

Great postings.