Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pursuit of Potential: Lie #2 Continued

Have you given some thought this week to overcoming any fears related to sharing Christ? I pray that you are releasing any shame or hesitation, and that God is making you stronger and braver by the minute!

Today I want to share some more questions with you that may help you strike up conversations about faith. Consider printing them out and hanging them on the fridge, or at your desk at work, or beside your bed, so that they will become familiar and comfortable.

Read over the list, then tuck them into your heart and mind, and be willing and prepared to pull them out whenever the opportunity presents itselt.

The first time God pricks your heart to share Christ with someone, you may still have all those ugly questions popping into mind that we covered on Monday. But the more prepared you are to share, the more comfortable you will be when that time comes.


1. Do you think much about spiritual things? (This usually leads to a conversation about what “spiritual” means – religion vs relationship).
2. We’ve never had a chance to talk about your religious background. Tell me about it.
3. What traditions did you follow in your house when you were growing up?
4. What do you think about God? Do you view him positively or negatively?
5. Have you ever come to a point in your life where you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, or do you think that is something you’re still moving toward? Can I share with you how I came to that point?
6. Do you find that faith and spiritual values play a role at your work/marriage/perspective on life/child rearing, etc. ?
7. If you could be sure there was a God, would you want to know Him?
8. If you could know God personally and intimately, would you want to?
9. Bring a friend to church or a Christian event, and afterwards ask:
a. What did you think of it?
b. Did everything make sense to you?
c. Have you made the wonderful discovery of knowing God personally?
10. What church do you go to? If they say they don’t go to church, ask why.
11. We’ve been friends for a long time now, and I have never really talked to you about the most important thing in my life. Can I share that with you now?
12. How do you think someone becomes a Christian?
13. Can I share with you the thing I have found to be a most important as a mom/dad/boss?
14. If you were to die tonight, are you sure would go to heaven? Has anyone ever explained to you how you can know for sure?
15. People invest time and energy into developing their career, their bodies and relationships, but often neglect the spiritual dimension of their lives. How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?

"Lord, you know my heart, and you know I love you, however, you also know my fears when it comes to sharing my faith, and opening myself up for judgement or ridicule. I ask that you infuse your Spirit so deeply into my heart, that the desire to share my faith with others will be busting at the seams. Use me Lord as you see fit, and give me the confidence to be bold for You."

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