Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Link to Your Free Marriage Ebook (corrected link)

Hi friends - I apologize profusely for the trouble some of you have had in trying to download the free marriage Ebook. I suppose I should have prayed a little harder over the computer! The devil loves to keep us from God's encouragement, even if it means dabbling in our technology!

I have uploaded the document onto a different server, and hopefully, this will resolve this problem. If you still have issues with accessing the Ebook, please feel free to email me directly.

God bless!

14 Days to a Happier Marriage Miles

Another link for viewing: 14 Days To A Happier Marriage

* I would love to get your feedback about the Ebook once you have completed reading it. If you are interested in providing  feedback or comments, please send me your comments in email at traciewmiles@carolina.rr.com.

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Angy said...

Tracie, the download won't work for me. I will try again later. Thanks for offering this ebook. I love to read and put into practice anything I can to strengthen my marriage of 21 years.

Anonymous said...

I am with Angy, I can't get the download to work either. I will check back later. Thanks and make it a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Not able to download either. :(

Tracie Miles said...

Hi friends - sorry you are having this problem! I have received responses from a lot of people about having read the book, so I dnot think this is a universal issue. However, this morning I get the same error message, and did not get this yesterday. So it may be a temporary problem with the website that hosts the documents, and I cannot log in this morning. I have sent them an email requesting support, so please do check back later! Hopefully this problem can be resolved quickly. If you are still unable to download, send me an email and I will forward the document to you directly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Still not able to download . . . :(