Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Optimist Challenge Wrap Up, and A Winner!

Hi friends! I have been so challenged personally as I wrote this 10 day Optimist Challenge, and God did a work on my heart throughout this whole two weeks.  Based on all of your comments, I believe that He did work on a lot of your hearts too! I want to extend a special thanks to all of you participated, and I have been so encouraged by your comments and the sharing of your personal struggles.

I feel led to share with you, that if I were to make a comprehensive list of the situations occurring in my life right now which threaten to steal my joy and optimism, I would need an entire page! So when God nudged me to focus on being optimistic, He not only had plans to encourage all of you through the words He provided, but also to keep me encouraged as I walk through these storms.

Although I would like to think that these storms will pass quickly, it does not appear that they will - and I can only imagine, that many of the storms or challenges in your life right now may also seem large, overwhelming, and maybe even long term.

So as a result, I felt a holy nudge to provide you with one last challenge (a bonus challenge, if you will; as if you needed something else to work on!).

There have been times when I would meet someone who seemed so optimistic, happy and always wearing a smile..... and my secret thoughts would go something like this...... "She is such an inspiration. Always positive and happy. Hmmppph.  I bet she doesn't really have any problems in her life. If she had to deal with what I was going through, she might be not be so happy."

Have you ever thought that?!  We assume that since someone else is positive and joyful, that their life is surely void of problems, or at least the problems that they do have are not that difficult. 

But friends - the more likely scenario is that the person has learned to have joy, and optimism, because of her relationship with Christ, not because of her lack of negative circumstances or negative people or sin in her past.

Optimism truly is a matter of the heart. It is not going to be found in some mysterious paradise where there no strife or trouble present, but instead, it is a state of mind that overcomes negativity in the midst of chaos.

Optimism is not just a one-time goal to meet, but a personal commitment to God that we have to choose to live in every day - not because life is perfect, but because He is.

The winner of the $10 Starbucks gift card is Rasberrymama! 
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Donna said...

I have enjoyed your optimist challenge! I, too, have many struggles and so do my adult children (20's). My husband became an alcoholic and drug addict before dying of a drug overdose in 2006. He was abusive to our children in ways I was unaware of. This past Spring my Godly parents (ministers & missionaries) were stabbed to death in their home at the age of 79. I struggle with people who complain about jobs, annoyances, etc but try to keep a smile on my face and a kind word for everyone I meet. Read more about my story on my blog

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the challenge so much as well Tracie!
We all have troubles, if anyone says they don't, hold on because one day there coming. The important thing is the way we handle them. It's hard to be optimistic in every situation but as Christians we should try our best.


Debbie C said...

You have absolutely enriched my personal walk with this challenge. I am committed to continue challenging myself in this area! Thanks for a job well done.