Monday, December 12, 2011

Is Smiling Your Favorite?

I know this movie is not a classic, especially since it was only released a few years ago, but honestly, it is my all time favorite movie ever!

My husband always gives me a confused side glance as I laugh hysterically at this movie, considering that I have watched it dozens of times. For some reason, he just fails to see the amazing humor in it that I do, but that is okay - to each her own, right?

So I admit it -I love the movie Elf, starring Will Farrell. I kid you not, I could watch it a thousand times and never get tired of it (maybe that says something about my intelligence, or sense of humor, but what-everrrrrr). Smiles.

The truth is that I just love to have a good laugh, and this is a sure recipe for that every time. But if I had to choose one thing I love most about this movie, it would be the attitude of Buddy the Elf.

Of course I realize that Buddy grew up at the North Pole, where life revolved around happy elves, sweet candy canes, friendly penguins, hot cocoa, toy making, and song singing. Anybody could learn to have a good attitude in that environment.

But even in the real/reel world, when Buddy treks out to find his real dad in New York City, he does not let the negativity, rudeness from others, and overall bad attitudes of society, affect his own joyful attitude and positive outlook about life.

It all started after Buddy journeyed through the Candy Cane Forest, which somehow miraculously landed him in Times Square, where he sought out his father in a high rise building.

At first glance, Buddy's father (who had no knowledge of his existence) and everyone else, for that matter, found Buddy to be extremely odd.

After all, his green elf outfit, cotton-ball eating, loud singing, and crazy smiling was a little out of the ordinary, to say the least. But it was not only his appearance that people found bizarre - it was his optimism and joyful attitude.

Because of his outgoing personality and positive perspective about life, people were not only extremely rude, but actually pushed him away. People were simply not accustomed to such joy.

Although Buddy's feelings were hurt, it did not change his attitude. He pushed forward, continuing to exude joy, despite how people were treating him, or the disappointments that he encountered.

Eventually, everyone came to realize that there was something special about Buddy....on the inside. They began to look past the odd outward appearance and different mannerisms, and see the joy and happiness in Buddy's heart.

His joyful attitude became contagious to all those who knew him.

Have you ever been around someone who was always negative, discouraged, pessimistic, unhappy and constantly complaining? If so, you may have you noticed how easy it is to be infected with that person's negativity, and maybe even start becoming negative and pessimistic as well. Have you ever noticed their bad attitude can be contagious?

I have certainly experienced this, and I remember working hard to ward off becoming infecting with their negativity, once I realized how contagious it was.

In fact, pessimism is one of the most highly contagious airborne germs that exist. The good news is = is that optimism is just as contagious!

Buddy's attitude, although a little off the chart when it comes to enthusiasm, was warm, optimistic and positive. He constantly saw the good in people and situations. He found joy in the little things, and was always filled with love. It appears he did not have a negative or unkind germ in his body. So when his optimism, and Christmas spirit, began spreading, people were changed for the good.

Is it possible to be like Buddy, in the real world we live in? A world packed full of attitude stumbling blocks from sunrise to sunset? The answer is yes... IF.... we choose not to let the attitudes of others affect our own, and, because we have that "something more". Remember? :)

At the end of this movie, Santa's sleigh can barely get off the ground because the hearts of the people of New York have lost their Christmas spirit. They have become consumed with the holiday activities, and lost sight of the holy-day attitudes.

But when Buddy's girlfriend, Jovie, begins to sing holiday songs, her Christmas spirit becomes contagious to everyone around her - even complete strangers. Soon, everyone in the crowd begins singing, and the Christmas spirit engine on Santa's sleigh is re-energized, helping it soar through the sky for all to see. She had caught Buddy's contagious joy.

Sadly, the real world is lacking in Christmas spirit - not merely holiday spirit, but The Spirit. Our world is full of lost people, refusing to believe that Christ is the reason for Christmas. Refusing to catch the joy in their hearts.

Although the Christmas spirit in this movie was focused on helping others believe that Santa is real - our Christmas Spirit should compel us to want to help others believe in Jesus. To show others, through our own attitudes, that Jesus is real, and alive.

We can never have a problem-free life, filled with candy canes and sugar plums every day, however, we can still have an attitude worth catching. An attitude that can change lives and impact hearts. An attitude that exudes joy, even when circumstances of life are not joyful.

An attitude that is focused on smiling, simply because of Jesus.

One of my favorite lines in the movie Elf, is when Buddy's boss at the department store inquires as to why he keeps smiling, and Buddy answers "I like to smile. Smiling is my favorite!"

Buddy's Christmas spirit was off the charts. Where would you rank your Christmas spirit today?

Consider these three questions:

1 - What attitude you have chosen today/this Christmas - do you want it to be contagious?
2 - Are you an angry elf (as Buddy calls the grumpy midget in this movie clip) or are you a joyful elf?
3 - Is smiling your favorite?  :)

In the words of Jovie, "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"... or... is it living loud for all to hear? Hmmm.

The movie clip for this post could not be embedded: CLICK HERE to watch a video clip from the end of the Elf movie where Jovie sings loud and clear, spreading the Christmas spirit for all to hear.

I just love this movie. Did I say that yet? Hee Hee. As a result, I am going to talk about more lessons from Buddy again tomorrow. Keeping smiling!

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Rachel Olsen said...

YES, I love smiling. Smiling's the best. So is Elf. My fave too.

Lori said...

I am catching up on your "reel" Christmas devotional series. . . and this is just what I needed for today. Things have been a little less than "spirited" around my house this past week, but I am about to change that!! I love smiling. . . smiling's the BEST!! I plan to spread JOY today everywhere I go, especially here in my home. Thank you for allowing a silly (but favorite of mine as well) Christmas movie take on such meaning this year. Merry Christmas Tracie and God Bless you in 2012!