Friday, January 20, 2012

Found, Healed, Delivered

I had heard His voice loud and clear.

It happened as I was sitting in the sanctuary many years ago, head bowed in fervent prayer, basking in the glow of the forgiveness that God has just poured all over my heart.

I was just one woman in a crowd of many women attending the seminar that morning. One woman trying to keep my emotions intact as I felt God moving deeply in my soul through the words of the speaker.

Suddenly His voice echoed so loudly, that my eyes burst open and I glanced around to see if anyone else had heard it. Since I didn't see any commotion, and no other women were appearing confused, dismayed or frantically gazing upwards with a look of "who said that!?" on their face, I determined that I was, indeed, the only one who had heard Him. It was a divine message, meant for me alone.

He simply said, "Tracie, Go... and share". (interpretation: "tell your testimony") My immediate answer was "Of course, God! Whatever you say! When can I start?"

NOT! Instead, I quickly and adamantly said "No God. Absolutely, without a shadow of doubt... NO". In fact, I got into a bit of an argument with God, wondering if He was confused and just didn't realize who He was talking to. Not only did I have no intention of "going", I had less intention of "sharing". I was convinced that God had made a mistake in calling me, a broken soul, to serve Him, a holy Savior.

But of course, God does not make mistakes. He simply knew my future, and my purpose, long before I did. He knew that His mercy and grace could wash away my sin, but only my obedience could truly heal my soul.

That was the summer of 2000. It was a day that turned my life upside down, as I tried to grasp the reality that God not only forgave me for my sins, and loved me despite them, but that He had a plan to use my past for my purpose. His purpose.

My obedience did not happen overnight. But little by little, step by step, faith encounter by faith encounter, God softened my heart to see and believe that His ways, and His plans, were better than my own.

With each baby step, I learned to trust God more, and eventually let Him replace my shame, with His grace and healing, from the inside out. My obedience to follow Him, and be transparent with others about how He had changed my life, opened the door for my heart to finally be restored.

A few years later, at another seminar, I had another God encounter. The praise and worship leader was singing the song "It Is Well", and I could feel the Holy Spirit hovering all around us. Then God spoke again, loud and clear, yet more gentle and confident. This time, He simply said "Tracie... it is well."

And I smiled, with a tear of joy trickling from my eye, and said "Yes sweet Jesus, it is well with my soul."

Shame and guilt no longer had any power over me, because God's love had become the presiding power over my life. I was no longer that broken, throw away person as I mentioned in today's Proverbs 31 Devotion. I realized I was loved by a Holy God. And so are you.

Do you believe that you are loved by God, despite the sin in your past or present? Do you believe that all it takes to be forgiven, is to ask God for it? Are you willing to forgive yourself, and let go of your hurts?

Are you ready to be free from shame and guilt, and embrace a new you that is filled with the Holy Spirit instead? Are you ready for God to have power over your life?

Do you want to be healed from the inside out?

Dear Jesus, you know the sins of my past, and the things I struggle with right now. I ask for your forgiveness, for everything. Wash me clean, make me whole again. Restore my soul. I want to be found by you. Help me to forgive myself, and protect my heart when negative thoughts and emotions threaten to steal the peace that You provide. Speak to me Lord, in a way I will understand. I long for healing and restoration and to be delivered from shame and guilt. Help me to have an awareness of Your voice, and to listen intently when you are speaking. Show me how you can bring glory out of something that the devil meant for evil. I trust you Lord, and I surrender all to you. I commit to obeying You when you call, even if You call me to do something that seems beyond my capabilities, and out of my comfort zone. I believe that my obedience, even if it's hard at first, will lead to blessing. Today, Lord, I surrender my life to You. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer today, will you leave a comment, and share with us how God has touched your heart today? We are definitely not alone in our need for forgiveness, redemption and restoration, yet there is power in knowing that we are not alone in our insecurities and our struggles and our heartfelt need to be healed.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Allow it to be a day that turns your life upside down - for the glory of God. If you are willing, God will deliver you from your sin, and turn your past into your purpose too - a purpose that is uniquely yours and divinely orchestrated - intended to bring you freedom and joy that you never thought imaginable.

Then you can sing that old song with a new twist... "Found, healed, delivered... I'm Yours!"

*If you have not asked Jesus to be your personal Savior, click here for some information that can help you make that important decision and take the first step towards true healing. DO YOU KNOW JESUS?

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Brandy said...

My husband and I have been reading the bible using and faithfully on a mission to read 2 chapters a day together. Last night I signed up for a devotional and after reading it this morning felt led to your blog to read more! My husband and I have both felt touched by God to share our story of divorce and re-marriage (to eachother). I am so glad I saw this today. I started a website to start sharing our story in hopes that we can inspire others to fight for their marriages. I do not know exactly what God has planned but I do feel that we have been hesitant in following the words that both of us felt he was speaking. Thank you for sharing and cant wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

As with Brandy, God drew me to your blog today after reading the Proverbs 31 devotion. I truly prayed the prayer to the Healer of broken hearts as I've deparately been praying for 2 1/2 years. The last month however I've felt His healing. Truly felt it. So my message is that in His time, He will give you healing and peace if you seek Him as the scripture says. Seek Him with your whole heart and in His time He will give you your hearts desire. A healed heart for a mighty God. Thank you Tracie for your obedience and this blog.

Cheryl Smith said...

Dear Tracie,

How your devotional today touched my heart! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! I have read your writing before and have always received strength and encouragement from it. I would love for you to stop by my blog, if you are Have a wonderful day in Him!
Cheryl Smith

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your obedience! I needed this word today. Thankful that His mercies are new every morning and that He doesn't give up on us!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. Thank you God for you new mercies. I so long to be healed and strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might. Most of my family is unsaved including my husband. Some days are harder than others, but I will trust in the great God who saves. Thank you for this devotional today. It has encouraged me.

Anonymous said...

This comment on your Proverbs 31 devotional today "A horrible decision I made as a young girl convinced me for years that I had no redeeming value in God’s eyes. Regret suffocated my heart for years..." I know God has forgiven me as I asked Him to, but I can't forgive myself. I read the rest of your devotional and then clicked onto your blog to see what else you had to say. God led me here today, on a busy, busy workday to read this "Found, Healed, Delivered" post. I love the prayer you wrote, you said everything in my heart. People would probably describe me as a somewhat mature Christian from the outside, but I know that I haven't forgiven myself and I need to let that go, just as you did. I'm trying to be God in accepting less from this life as a deserved punishment for my sins when that's not His plan at all. Thank you for your post today.

Tracie Miles said...

Thank you all for your comments. I am so touched to read each one of them, and see how God is working in hearts and that His kingdom is being changed one by one, through His children.

To the anonymous poster at 12:16pm - it was easier to accept Gods forgiveness, than it was to forgive myself. But I realized that being against myself, kept me from really getting to know God. So just as you said - let that go! God does not keep record of our wrongs, nor should we. Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am sitting here in a crowd trying to keep from crying less everyone think me a lunatic. I read your Proverbs 31 devotion and it was like you were describing me. I so regret a horrible decision from over 30 years ago and can't forgive myself. 30 years! I so want to move past this so I can serve God fully and completely. From the outside, no one would ever guess I carry this burden, but they have no idea the role it has played in my life and how it has shaped me. I am praying I can find the healing you have found. When I can get some quite time I am going to come back to this post and pray. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracie, for your comment to me. (I'm the 12:16pm gal). I actually printed all of it out, the devotional, your post and the comments to mull over at home. And so I could pray for these other ladies who commented, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Powerful,powerful devotion and so beautifully written. Thank you for being transparent. This is the kind of devotion that can be life altering. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry.

Anonymous said...

Your devotional and your blog was a blessing to me. It touch the chord of my heart. I have been praying for my marriage that God would restore, and heal it. I desired that healing which you spoken about for my marriage (myself and my husband). I have been married for 17 years. During those years, my husband and I have been going throught financial difficults that have impact the way we communicate with each other. But throught it all, I always found hope in God as I pray, and read my daily devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I thank God all the ladies at this ministries, you real, and open yourself up to share your life with us. May God continue to shower His blessing all of you all, and your family.

Again, thanks for this awesome devotional!

God Bless!

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much, this message is just what I have been needing. Now to get a chance to share it with others. I look forward to cheking out your blog fully and trusting God to teach me through your words and His Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

I always know God has his hand in things when I am led to exactlty the place I need to be. Today it happened to be your blog. My biggest struggles has been believing God forgives me and forgiving myself .I have somehow felt that God will forgive me when I become good enough. In this quest to become "good enough" I developed an eating disorder. I crave forgiveness. I did pray the prayer in your blog and feel a sense peace and that feeling that comes when the Holy Spirit comforts me. Today I will accept God's forgiveness and forgive myself. I am thankful you were led to share this.

Sandy said...

Dear Tracie
I read your devotion and it touched my heart and lead me to your blog which just brought the streams of tears... these were mostly tears of deliverance! Iknow about life's struggles like anyone else and through the Grace of God I can testify to his Glory.
Proverbs 31 has truly made me a better believer. I thank you for your inspiring writings and I thank Proverbs 31 ministries for come into and being in my life forever.
Thank you and God continue to bless you.

Tina said...

I was so moved today.. My daughter has her first UIL competion for one act today.. Something she has been practicing for. Even though she gave up her lead part to another to play a nonspeaking part when a classmate quit unexpectedly because she felt compassion for her teacher she didn't think twice about it. Knowing she would still get to play 'her' part for the school another day. My husband decided lastnight he wanted to go fishing today, which ment I would not get to go be with my daughter today. I was driving back home when I said "God I should be there I should beable to be there with her, I'm mad and hurt that Randy cared more about his need than his kids need.. My desire... It took all of a second for God to put me back in my place.. Lol yes it was wrong thinking for me for what God wants of me.. As much as I wanted to be apart of what I helped bring into this world she didn't need me right now.. Heck she may not have even wanted me there.. But randy needed this alone time.. How do I know? The last few fishing trips had been a waste one maybe two fish , he called me moments ago that God is indeed blessing his trip today.. He has never caught so many! I smiled to myself knowing that two prayers where answered.. His going was for something and my child is in His hands no matter what! Thank you for the beautiful prayer I'm writing it out and hanging it up for awhile.. I too am needy!

Kristi Butler said...

Beautiful message, Tracie!
Hugs and love!

Lyn said...

Hey Tracie! Wow, I was so blessed through your blog's message today. Before my AM quiet time, "It is Well" started blaring from my radio. Don't you know? Today, He broke the bondage that my past held over me. This is the first day of the rest of my life in which I walk in 'forgiven and forgotten'. I am a free woman!

Anonymous said...

I have prayed the prayer given here but really believe there is so little good in me or strength to commit to anything. Praying for a real sense of acceptance and forgiveness for many wrongs and hurts caused. I feel humiliated by own character, indifference and weaknesses but so hope God will bring me to a new place. Thanks for your blog.

Jennifer Dougan said...


That's how I got into my speaking ministry too, except God was speaking to me at a hit dusty, July outdoor Mercy Me concert.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Jennifer Dougan

Tracie Miles said...

Ladies - my heart is overflowing at how God has spoken to your spirits today - praising Jesus for stories of healing and freedom found!

Jenny {Heavenly Blossoms} said...

Tracie, hi. I am one of many women who were truly blessed to have you this past weekend with Zarepath Christian Church retreat. The sessions and your testimony moved me to realize to STOP feeling the guilt fort transgressions. To realize that that is not God making me feel that way and to nail them on to the cross and live my life "looking up and not in"

Thank you so much. As you said, I may look the same on the outside but I am a new person inside. Thank you and God bless you!