Sunday, June 1, 2008

All Grown Up

I still can't believe it. My baby girl went to her first semi-formal dance last night. She was so beautiful! Even though I see her every day, for some reason she just looked all grown up in her fancy dress and heels. (sniff sniff)

Morgan's friend Maggie, came over to get ready with her.

Morgan was horrified that I went in and took some pictures, but I just had to see the banquet room and check out all the other kids! Here is one last picture I took before she scooted me out the door.

Even though it was over 14 years ago, I still remember the day she was born. I gazed into her tiny sweet face with tears in my eyes, in utter disbelief that God had blessed me with such a perfect, beautiful little angel.

For many years, I was convinced that I could never have a child, but those fears vanished, and my dream for a family came true. God used the birth of this precious baby to reassure me that He loved me despite sins in my past. If you are interested in reading my testimony and how God has worked miracles in my life, you can purchase a copy of my book Reinventing Your Rainbow, available on the Proverbs 31 website. Click below to be directed to the resources page.

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Lysa TerKeurst said...

Wow, Tracie, she is gorgeous. Like mother, like daughter. I have still been praying for your sister.

She Speaks is only 3 weeks away!

Kim said...

I am going to try to order your book. I have a "past" also. In fact, my past sometimes runs into my present. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I struggle with it, and recently gave in to the struggle. But God(I just those BUT GOD'S) is so faithful and gracious. He hasn't kicked me to the curb yet. I'm just trying to stay focused on Jesus and my recovery as I try to get back "on the wagon."

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing with us so openly.

Kim royal, Tifton, Ga