Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make A Joyful Noise

I had an amazing day today. Yesterday I traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia for the Piedmont Community Impact Organization's first annual leadership conference. Some incredibly gifted pastors from around the counrty were present to lead group sessions, and I had the privilege of leading several breakout sessions today for the women in attendance.

But here is the thing.....although I went there to serve, I was also served. I went there with the hopes that God would use me to encourage other people in their journeys of ministry, but I walked away being more blessed and encouraged than I could have imagined. We had some great discussions that the Lord used to help clarify His calling and His will for many of us. You just can't beat sisters in Christ!

Each woman I came in contact with was so sweet, and obviously loved the Lord immensely. Their enthusiasm for God was so contagious, and so uplifting! Even though everyone had their own set of challenges in ministry, we were able to see that God can and does use all things to His glory. With each expression of discouragement, someone in the room could turn it around to help us see it from God's perspective. What a blessing!

I found myself wishing I could bottle up that enthusiasm and passion and bring it home for a rainy day!

The worship style at this conference was much different than what I am accustomed to in my more conservative church, and that made them even more special, exciting and memorable. The pastors let it all out, and God could be felt all around. Nobody held back. Nobody worried about what someone else was thinking. The Spirit flowed, God moved in people's hearts, and the people expressed their joy in the Lord openly, excitedly, and loudly! It was awesome!

What a great example of how we should all worship - with excitement, enthusiasm, passion and power. God adores all types of worship, and thank goodness He did not make us all alike. Whatever way you choose to do it, make a joyful noise today! You just might like it!

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Mari said...

I *love* to worship with abandon. God doesn't want us to be reserved. He wants us to praise Him with all we have! My family still thinks I am a nut case when I start playing worship music in the house, singing dancing and what have you. I just figure rather a fool for Jesus than man!