Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Than Crumbs

I just got back today from a wonderful vacation at the beach with my mom, brother and his wife, sister and her husband, nieces and nephews, my husband and kids. We also spent a few days with our best friends of twenty years at their beach house too. We had such a great time!

The vacation was super - however, it came to a screeching halt, as vacations tend to do. We had to hurry and get back today because my son had football practice tonight, and Kaitlyn woke up at 3:30am with a stomach virus (yuck - always the test of true motherly love). I have a million loads of clothes to wash, and have to pack to go out of town tomorrow afternoon for a speaking engagement - so - we are officially and quickly off of vacation and back to reality now. :) Heavy sigh.

But before we left, God spoke something sweet to my heart.

On my last morning at the beach, I had gotten up early for my morning run. As I was running, I caught a glimpse of a few seagulls aimlessly wandering around the beach. I noticed that there were not many seagulls to be found this early in the morning, and then I starting wondering why.

Seagulls are funny creatures. They could smell a potato chip crumb a mile away. You could be sitting there peacefully on the beach without a seagull in sight, and then one kid throws down a piece of crust from their sandwich, and suddenly dozens of seagulls come swooping down from out of nowhere! It is like being in the middle of the movie set for that old awful movie, The Birds!

I thought about how seagulls always stay at a distance, until they want something to eat, or think that someone has something to give them, then they come running - or should I say dive bombing. As that thought crossed my mind, God impressed upon my heart that I am often just like those seagulls.

I could go several days, maybe more than a week I am ashamed to say, without really sitting down and talking with God in focused prayer. I could go days without actually studying His word and digging into the meaning of passages to apply to my own life, never giving Him an opportunity to help me or guide me.

But, oh boy, as soon as something happens that makes me mad, sad, worried, frustrated, confused or upset - I go flying straight over to God, swooping in out of nowhere, dive bombing into His presence and expectantly awaiting Him to give me a profound thought or answer to prayer.

That must disappoint God. He has so much more to give me than mere crumbs that I ask for when I am in times of disappointment or turmoil. I believe that God is always there for me, holding baskets of baskets of delicious morsels meant just for me, but since I do not ask, I do not receive.

I need to focus on the fact that God's wisdom, blessings, comfort, love and guidance are readily available all the time. He is always ready to fill me up with whatever I need. I know He can fill every void or emptiness in me, any hurts or concerns, any frustrations or anxiousness. But I have to ask! And not only when I am hungry for Him to toss me a few crumbs in a time of need.

Have you been keeping yourself at a distance from God, either purposely or inadvertently, and then begging for crumbs from Him when you get desperate? Or are you actively seeking God in your every day life and expecting to be filled to the rim with all He has to give?

I can only speak for myself - but I simply do not want to be satisfied with crumbs! I want the whole basket of goodies! What about you?

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Anonymous said...

How powerful. I too feel the same way. I hate looking back in my journal and seeing the familiar phrase "I'm sorry it's been so long God" followed by a heavy heart request. But as I learn more about the true character of God I see that He is slow to anger and full of mercy. That each new day He isn't keeping track of all my mistakes (thank you Lord). But instead, His passion for me is renewed. So, I wonder then, why was it so hard for me to turn off the Olympics last night and focus on Him? But instead, I turned down the volume and held my book up over the screen. How pathetic!

Sherri said...

And I wonder why I always feel empty when I'm just eating crumbs! Thank you for an enlightening post that I needed today.

Sherri Yager
(from Carmel MOPS)

Karan said...

Psalm 32:6 gripped me years ago, and I try to always communicate with my Father through prayer, His Word, and assembly with other believers. Let me share the verse:

"For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You in a time when You may be found; surely in a flood of great waters they shall not come near him."

"In a time when You may be found" is what spoke volumes to me. I don't want to be what I term as a "crisis christian." You know what I mean: one that runs to God only in a moment of crisis. I want my "running schedule" to be a daily, moment by moment encounter with the Living God. Not random. Not about me. Not about what is wrong in my life. Not more "misses than hits." But all about Him. His goodness. His faithfulness. His worthiness to be praised with my every breath.

Oh, and we are only satisfied with crumbs if we are not really hungry. So I leave you with this thought: how hungry for God are we? Remember, we are as full of God as we choose to be!
In His love and hope,

Joyful said...

Oh Tracie, I don't want to be satisfied with crumbs. I don't want to be nibbling and sampling God's Word, but feasting at His banquet table.

Yesterday's manna will not satisfy. Apetite is developed through consistancy. Daily intake prevents spiritual starvation. Sadly, we too often eat out of habit, and not out of hunger. Asking the Lord to increase my desire for Him, so that I will have a constant craving. With desire comes the delight of knowing that God is more than enough.

"Every one who thirsts, come to the waters;...Why do you spend money for what is not bread, And your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And delight yourself in abundance." Isaiah 54:1-2

Longing for His abundance,