Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas has been hijacked! Stand up and fight to get it back.

A hijacking has taken place. No, not in a big city, or a sandy dessert. But right in our own back yards.

What was hijacked? Christmas.

Our holy holiday has been hijacked by the progressive efforts of the unsaved to beat down the spirit of Christmas; by the politically correct government who is more worried about not offending the unsaved than they are keeping favor for our country with the God who created the universe; by retailers, who would rather dishonor God and put aside their own beliefs to assure higher sales; by public schools, where our kids are not allowed to celebrate the holiness of the season, but have to focus on Grinch Day and the Santa store instead; and lastly, by corporations, more concerned with promoting equality for all religions and thus stripping employees of the Christian religious freedoms to celebrate the birth of our Jesus.

Yep. Christmas has been hijacked. It makes me angry. It makes my blood pressure rise, because I have no control to change what is happening in our country, government, stores, schools, and offices. I feel like I dont have a voice, and that that even if I did, that it would be drowned by all the nay sayers who think Christmas is a time for sales, gifts, trees, decorations, and year end bonuses.

When did our country become one that is not founded on God, and one where everyone celebrates the "holidays", but Jesus seems to be the two ton elephant in the room that nobody is risky enough to mention? Breaks my heart.

In school, history is one of the most important subjects that kids are required to take. They learn all kinds of things, dates, people and events that occurred in our country for hundreds of years past. Why is Christ no longer part of our history? Who determined that Christ was no longer part of our history? How did that happen?
Now I find myself dealing with problems like trying to explain why the "big bang theory", of which my kids watched a 90 minute movie on at school, is not true. I have to be on my toes about how to defend our Christian beliefs, when their teachers are trying to tell them all religious are alike, even if they have other Gods. I have to encourage them to stand up for what they believe in and be firm in their faith, without being disrespectful to their teachers of course.
At every turn, Christians are trying to escape from the hijacking.

I have learned that Christmas has been celebrated in some form since the 4th century, and read that Christmas was actually outlawed from 1659-1681 in Boston, Massachusetts. Hmmmmm..... could that happen again? In our entire country? Could all those people who seem to have a louder voice than all the Christians out there, eventually strip us of our right to celebrate a Christmas? A scary thought, but based on what I have seen happen already in our country, it is a valid possibility.

On June 26, 1870, President Ulysses S. Grant declared December 25th a National Holiday … CHRISTMAS. But that historical event is slowly becoming null and void. America is falling to the side of err, instead of climbing to the top, sticking with morals, clinging to Gods Word and believing that our country desperately needs a God to protect us. The last time I read about this type of thing happening, the names Soddom and Gomorahh were mentioned. Two cities destroyed by Gods wrath, as a result of the sins of the inhabitants of these cities.

Our country was founded on Christian values by our founding fathers, and nobody can take that away from us. Regardless of the local, regional and national attempts to strip Christ out of Christmas, it can only happen if we allow it. Nobody is going to convince me, or strip away from me, the belief that Christ was sent here, born in a manger, and died for my sins. That is why I celebrate - not to have a happy holiday, but to have a happy heart.

I do have a voice. So do you. We simply need to take a stand! Lots of voices together make a loud noise. So make a commitment to make a difference this holiday season, and let your voice be heard to everyone around you. How?

* Set up a small manger scene at your desk/cubicle at work. Feel free to tell anyone about the meaning of it.

*Normally, more Christians are out there than you think - but many people are not open with their beliefs, or their Christmas faith, in an effort to not offend others! Stand up for Christ, and you may have a lot of new Christian friends come out of the wood work to stand behind you. There is power in numbers.

* Say Merry Christmas to everyone you meet - your boss, your neighbor, your friend, your enemy. Dont worry about their beliefs - be proud of yours.

* Send Christmas cards with a bible verse on them, or a biblical picture - again - dont worry about the faith of those you are sending to, be proud of yours.

* Dont shop at stores that refuse to acknowldge Christmas as the reason for the season. If all of their signage says Happy Holidays - walk out - and be sure to let someone know why you are not shopping there.

* Have a Christmas party, not a holiday party at your home. Worried about your neighbors not coming because they are not Christians? Well dont. Be proud of your faith.

* Dont worry about what anyone thinks, if you are going to offend someone, or trying to please everyone - just be proud of your faith. Be proud of the season. Be proud of the reason why you celebrate Christmas.

Worrying about what others think of your faith or your Christmas beliefs, and allowing that fear to prevent you from standing up for Christ, is what left our country vulnerable to this hijacking that has taken place.

Stand up for Christ this Christmas. Be proud of the manger, and let everyone know it loud and clear. Have you got an example of how you stood up for your rights to celebrate the birth of Christ? Any suggestions on how to find that courage to stand up for Christ, even when it is does seem politically correct?


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A Simple Country Girl said...


Yes, yes, yes, we do have a say and a voice and buying power. I do all of those things you listed at the end of your blog. We do make a difference, even though it isn't with a big boom (or bang).

Christians have a solid foundation built of stone, not of shifting sand like those of the world. So, let our voices be heard and let us rejoice even more in Christ's birth! Others will wonder what we have that gives us peace and strength and hope--then we can tell them the TRUTH.

Blessings on your day!

Angie said...

I think it was two years ago that employees of stores like Wal-Mart and Target were told they couldn't wish people Merry Christmas at the checkout. Of course I didn't know this until after the holiday. So the following year I noticed the cashiers would just tell you "Have a good day" just as they did every other day. I wondered what their reaction would be to a response from me of "Merry Christmas"? So as the cashier finished checking me out and told me "Thank you and have a good day" I looked at her and said "You have a Merry Christmas." With everyone I did this to the response was a huge smile, some even thanked me and everyone wished a Merry Christmas in return. Everyone is too worried abouy being politically correct or thinking they might offend someone. Wish everyone in stores, restaurants, banks anywhere you do business a Merry Christmas and see how many smiles in return you get.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN sister!! We have to take a stand! You've motivated me to be much more forthcoming with my beliefs. Thanks!

Joyful said...

Thanks for giving me an injection of truth! This is so true my friend.

My husband and I were guests at a church Christmas banquet last Saturday (not our church) and the Pastor there spoke of a button he received that says, "It's OK. You can wish me a Merry Christmas!"

My sister is employed by a School Board and in their atrium employees were allowed to set up Christmas scenes depicting the meaning of Christmas. Different faiths were represented in the displays, yet so vividly missing was anything to do with Christianity. My sister wrote a letter inquiring why the manger scene was not allowed, but again it was for reasons not to offend other religions. People want Christmas without Christ. There really is no such thing. Christmas IS Christ. So sad that many celebrate totally unaware.

The Christmas letter I enclose in our Christmas cards is not the usual annual report on our family. Years ago the Lord clearly spoke to me about not 'bragging on' our family, but using this opportunity to share Christ and Christ alone. I KNOW some recipiants tear it up without reading it, but I will continue to send it regardless. One year they just might be in a place where they are ready to hear the Truth.

Praying for strength to continue to stand unashamed,