Friday, December 12, 2008

The Most Precious Christmas Gift Of All

What is the biggest question on the mind of most Americans this time of year? "Oh dear,what should I get them for Christmas?" Can you relate? Im sure you can! As soon as Thanksgiving is over,most people start focusing on what gifts they can give to the people they love for Christmas.

But do the best gifts really come from a store? Of course not. We all know the best gifts come from the heart. The best gifts are the legacies that we leave, the love that we give, and the impressions that we leave on the hearts of lives of others.

Todays Proverbs 31 devotion focuses on the most valuable,precious, treasured gift that one could ever receive - the gift of salvation. The gift of life after death, living an eternity sitting beside the one and only God. The gift of being born again.

My prayer for you today is to link over and read todays devotion, titled "Annes Devotion". It is a story you do not want to miss.

This Christmas, give the gift that never ends, even in the scope of infinite time. Are you willing to share this gift, or will you let fear or anxiousness about how someone may respond to the offer of hope from Jesus stop you from sharing it? Read Annes Devotion, I know you will be blessed.

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Joyful said...

I was blessed by reading it Tracie.

Every Christmas I include a Christmas devotional in the cards I send. I know for a fact at least one friend tears it up without reading it, but her reaction will not detour my longing to share the real gift of Christmas - Jesus!

I'm so glad I've already unwrapped His most precious gift.


Angie said...

This comment refers back to yesterdays about Christmas being hijacked. I am in Bristol TN doing some early Christmas visiting with family and we went to a light show that is done by a local Christian group. One song I heard brought me to remember your blog from yesterday. It is called "Christmas with a capital C". It is by a group called GoFish and I found a link so if anyone would like to hear the song. Enjoy!