Monday, June 15, 2009

The Rain Stayed Away!

Hallelujah, we finally made it through an entire swim meet tonight! Over the past two weeks, every time we have tried to have a meet, the rain pours, the lightning strikes, and the thunder roars. But today, the rain came, the rain went, and then everyone swam their little hearts out - and won the meet by over 200 points!

Michael and Kaitlyn swam super great tonight, both winning first place in at least one heat, and several second places. Whoo hoo! Its a very time consuming sport, but the kids love it and it is awesome exercise for them. Morgan is not on the team this year, because she had too many school conflicts, but she is also a great swimmer. This is our 5th year doing swim team, and is something we look forward to every summer.

Guess we just have a house full of little Nemo's who just want to keep swimming! Between swim practice five days a week and all the swim meets, I dont know how they dont stay shriveled up all the time, but the fun and excitement of it outweighs a little bit of shriveled up skin I suppose. :)

Here are a few shots of our evening:

A quick shot before the pool got too busy....(which actually took five minutes, since they were both mortally embarrased that I was taking their picture at all)

Michael diving off the block to start his heat.........
Kaitlyn doing the 50 meter back stroke.....

Kaitlyn doing the 50 meter breast stroke....

Hmmmmm, Michael standing around and looking at all the girls? Not a good a sign.

Kaitlyn and a few of her swimming buddies....

Everyone jumping in the pool after learning of our victory, and celebrating in the cool night air!

Now Im off to bed... have to get well rested for tomorrow nights swim meet, and Thursday nights swim meet, and all the 9am practices. Did I say fun? Actually, it is.

And I know that one day I will wish I had a million places to be and a million places to take the kids, so for now, I will just keep on polishing that taxi cab sticker on my car, and treasuring every moment.

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Joyful said...

Congratulations to Michael and Kaitlyn and their teams!!! WOO HOO!!! Sounds like you do have some little Nemo's in your house! Enjoy 'swimming' along side them while they are still in your 'pool'.

Have a great day!

B His Girl said...

What a perfect place to be in the heat! You have the right attitude on being a taxi driver as long as you can! B