Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Twilight Zone

I have officially entered the twilight zone.

My fifteen year old daughter Morgan, passed the drivers education class at school, and has come to a point where she needs to practice her driving skills.... with me.

It honestly doesnt seem that long ago, when I was sitting on a steep hill, in a little black Toyota Celica, struggling with learning to drive a stick shift, and desperately trying to avoid rolling backwards down the hill and hitting the car behind me.

I remember the sheer panic of the realization that my life, and everyone elses life, was in my hands. I also remember getting so frustrated with the whole driving thing, that I angrily forced the car into park, hit the emergency brake, and exited the vehicle in tears in the middle of the road, while demanding that my mom, whose nerves had to be shot all over the place anyway, get out and take over the wheel.

Where have the years gone? Now, instead of my mom, I am the one getting white knuckles as my fists clench the door handle and my toes embed themselves into the floor board.

Fortunately, Morgan is not experiencing as much frustration as me, because for one, she doesnt have to drive a stick shift; and, two, we dont have any big hills around here. But overall she is doing great, enjoying her newfound interest in driving, and she is all smiles behind the wheel.

Kaitlyn on the other hand, didnt think it was such a fun experience.

I was hesitant about letting her ride along with us on Morgans first 'real' driving experience (meaning we were actually going out of the neighborhood, on actual roads, and through an intersection or two), but I gave in and let her come anyway.

After making a few humorous comments about her safety (which Morgan did not think were funny), and Morgans lack of driving experience, I heard her exclaim "look mom - no need to worry - I extra buckled and Im all safe, just in case Morgan does something crazy and we run off the road."

This is what I saw when I looked back at her, and I just thought it was too funny not to share. (I secretly wished I could get in the back seat and triple buckle too, but I didnt think Morgan would appreciate that). Smiles.

Morgan has to do the driving part of the drivers ed class on Friday, and I have heard they take them on real roads, and.... gasp.... the interstate. I might have a nervous breakdown that day, so keep me, and her of course, in your prayers.

I also might have to enter that twilight zone again, and honestly, I dont like it there.

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Angie said...

I'm ROFL!!!
Oh I remember this day not too long ago. I know your feelings and fears.
We as moms make it worse than it really is. Believe will be ok. I will pray for you. :o)

B His Girl said...

You are going to have white knuckles for awhile:) Wait until she drives alone...oh sorry, I am supposed to be encouraging. lol I know the anxiety teen driving brings. Lord please watch over Morgan and she stretches her wings. Give Tracie the peace that only you can give as she watches her grow. Thank you Jesus. B

Mom to 4 said...

That is hysterical! I am with Kaitlyn. Triple buckle in the backseat has to be the safest way to travel with a teenage driver! I am sure Morgan will do great. I remember riding in that little Toyota Celica, but I think I was to naive to think something bad might actually happen to us. Funny how times change. Love ya!

Joyful said...

OK...this is just too cute!!!! So glad I didn't miss this post! I'm smiling now, but my 17 year old son hasn't started Driver's training...YET!