Thursday, July 30, 2009

She Speaks Tips

I know that some of you who read my blog will be attending the She Speaks Conference this year, can you believe it is finally here? Whoo hoo! I get so excited about this conference every year, that I can hardly wait for it to get here! Although it is a lot of hard work and 5 days of enthusiastic ministry, I am always so sad when it is all over.

For those of you who are not familiar with She Speaks, you need to check it out next year. Its focus is being a "speakers/writers" conference, but oh my goodness, it is so much more than that - it is the conference that changed my heart - altered my direction in life - and provided me the assurance and confidence to follow God no matter what. It is truly life changing! I cannot wait to post about all the amazing things that God does at the conference this year. I know I will be burning up the keyboard!

My good friend Rachel put the below message on her blog, and it says everything so perfectly, why try to reinvent the wheel? (and I stole her message off of Zoes blog, who thought the same thing!)

So here are a few tips for you She Speaks attendees that you might be interested in knowing as you prepare to come. Oh - and one last thing - if you have signed up to be in a speaker evaluation group - please do not stress! You will be so surprised at what a laid back, comfortable and friendly environment that you get to share your heart in, so remember that God is in control, He has prepared you for such a time as this, and He will give you all the courage and confidence and ability that you need to do great!

I want to tell you how very excited we at P31 are about this year's conference, and about YOU coming! We're simply thrilled and honored that you will be sharing your weekend and your dreams with us.

We have SO MUCH in store, I know you are going to absolutely love it. Be sure you take good notes in each of your sessions, and after meeting publishers or leaders because by Sunday you will feel you're on information overload. What you were so thrilled to learn on Saturday morning, and were certain you'd remember, you'll be scratching your head trying to recall two weeks later. Each session has handouts, but also take good notes. Or even better, purchase the CD of the session before you leave the conference to listen to it again as needed.

Strike a BALANCE on social time and sleep time. This conference runs from early morning Saturday until nearly 10:00 pm. And as I mentioned, there is a lot to take in and learn so you'll want to be rested and at your best. That said, this weekend is a great time to make new friends and forge connections with like-minded women. So put yourself out there to meet, greet and network but make sure you turn in and turn out the lights before too long.

When I'm going somewhere, I always appreciate when the event coordinator gives me tips for how to pack. So let me give you a couple PACKING TIPS for this conference.

The hotel will have ironing boards, hair dryers, soap and little bottles of shampoo and conditioner for you. So you don't need to pack those things unless you want yours from home. There is also a little gift shop in the lobby that sells toiletries or medicines you might have forgotten or discover you need. And there is a small sink, microwave (I believe) and a small fridge in your room if you want to bring snacks or drinks with you.

I must warn you it is COLD in the conference rooms (if you're not menopausal). If you are in a cute summer skirt, strappy sandals, and cotton short-sleeved top, you'll be miserable .... very pretty, but miserable. I suggest long-sleeve tops, or a jacket (blazer/sweater), or both. I also suggest hose if you want to wear a skirt. I've been known to wear hose under my slacks there just to keep warm! Now if you are having menopausal hot flashes, you will probably think it feels great!

I also want you to wear COMFY SHOES because the conference center is fairly large and you will do a bit of walking. I don't mean Crocs comfy, you'd look a little under-dressed, but this is not the time to wear those super cute heels that kill your feet inside of a half hour. You want to look polished this weekend, but you don't want to be distracted by your temperature, clothing or shoes.

Bring your BIBLE and journal because God will have much to say to your heart through out the weekend if you yield it to Him. This is another case in which to balance your time. Make sure you carve a little time to steal away alone with God somewhere in the hotel to connect with Him personally each day. If your room is crowded and the lobby is noisy, I recommend the prayer room we will have set up. It is such a serene place - be sure to slip in there at some point in the weekend.

If you have a PUBLISHER MEETING and you're feeling clueless about what to say to them, relax. Remember they are just people, and they get this sort of thing all the time. Just be prepared to explain your book concept. Please avoid saying that God gave you this book (even if He did) as that puts them in the awkward position of having to accept or reject "God's idea." There's a free bonus session on How to Prepare a Powerful, Effective 15 minute Publisher Meeting at 1:15 on Friday afternoon you can attend for more tips.

Finally, I hope you will come INTRODUCE yourself to me when you see me. I want to meet you, hear your heart, and what drew you to She Speaks. You are the reason we do this conference every year. So I want you to know that the P31 team is always approachable and here to serve you.

That's it, but feel free to ask a question if you still have one. Or to leave a tip if you've attended before ...


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