Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready For An Amazing Weekend

Well, She Speaks officially started today. Wow, I cant even believe the blessings I have already received over the past two days since our team has been here. We have spent time hanging out and in team meetings, meeting our special guests and publishers, recieving some great training, dining together, talking, catching up, and sharing the anticipation of all the breath taking things that God is going to do this weekend. Very motivating and exciting!

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know I would covet your prayers over the weekend, if I happen to come to your mind.

I have been working hard and praying over the the message that I will be sharing during the conference, which is part of the womens ministry leadership track today, called Staying Filled Up So You Dont Get Burnt Out. I taught this session last year and several times at other conferences, but God led me to really change it up this year, so I hope it goes well!I just hope to successfully share the message that God has laid on my heart for these sweet women who have answered the call to serve in womens ministry.

I also will be meeting with 3 publishers and an agent this afternoon - I can already feel those butterflies making their way forcefully into my tummy. My proposal is for a book about how to tap into the power and presence of God so that we can control the stress in our lives, instead of letting it control us. I have no idea whether they will be receptive to it or not, but I fully trust in Gods plan and timing.

Please also pray for the nearly 600 women that will be attending the conference this year. Each of them comes with personal issues weighing on them, testimonies that need sharing, hearts that need healing, and dreams that need sprouting. They are each and every one nervous and anxious about what to expect, except those who have attended before, so they need prayers for comfort, peace and confidence. And also, please pray for the 200 women who were on the waiting list and unable to attend - I pray that God does amazing things in their life over the coming year, and that next year they will be able to join us and have God confirm 100% what His calling is on their life.

And guess what - I get to enjoy an extra special treat this year - my mom is coming to She Speaks! I still have to pinch myself to believe it. I cannot wait to see how God will move in her heart and life. And if that isnt enough, both Morgan and Kaitlyn (my daughters) are coming too! They will spend the weekend on the Next Generation track, learning about being Godly girls, living for Christ, standing up for what is right, and making new friends with fellow Christian teen girls from across the country. I pray God continues to mold them into the beautiful young women He desires for them to be.

Last, but certainly not least, I left the two most important men in my life, my two Michaels, at home for the weekend. Please pray for their well being until I come home, that they eat something healthy at least once while Im gone, and that they enjoy a great a father/son weekend together!

So..... did I say I was excited? :) Thanks for your prayers!

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Angie said...

You are in my prayers! This event has been on my heart this past week and my prayers are that God will show up in a mighty way for each of you!

I cannot wait to read the blog that will follow!

B His Girl said...

My prayer may be late but God knows my heart. I went to SS last year and God spoke to me powerfully there. I know He is working there again. Can't wait to hear about it. My friend Wendi is there and she is giving me a full report next week. :)

Bobbi said...
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Bobbi said...

Thank you for the wonderful update! I have asked God to look favorably upon your new book ideas as inspirations for all women! Keep us informed ~ Peace my friend!