Thursday, January 21, 2010

Compassion for Haiti

The devastation is Haiti is so hard to watch on the news every day. It breaks my heart to see the destruction, death, heartbreak and loss that those people are experiencing. It is also heartbreaking to think that Haiti was already a country with monumental challenges and overwhelming poverty before this earthquake struck, and now, things are worse than anyone could ever have expected.

It has changed my perspective on how blessed I am. I have always felt blessed and appreciated those blessings, but I dont think I appreciate them enough.

Over this past week, every time I go to put some leftover food down the garbage disposal, the face of an orphaned, hungry, impoverished child comes to mind. Every time I turn on the water faucet and clean water comes flushing out, I think of a family who is drinking water out of a dirty puddle. Each time I take some Advil for a headache or a little pain, I think of all the people who are severely injured, with not even an aspirin to take.

This situation in Haiti seems so hopeless, and if you are like me, you may feel helpless as well. But there are things we can do to help, and although there are plenty of things about America that I wish were different, I am proud to live in a country that reaches out a helping hand to those in need, even if they are in other countries who have never done anything for us in the past.

Compassion International plays a huge role in Haiti, by partnering with 228 churches there, and sponsoring 65,000 children. Approximately 6,000 of those children live in the Port-Au-Prince area, but over 15,000 Compassion sponsored children have been affected. Unfortunately, there is proof that many of those children have died, and many are still suffering. There are Compassion staff in Haiti who have also died, and some are injured or still missing. These are people who cared so much about the life of these little children, that they gave all they had, and most will continue to do so.

If you have been wondering how you could help the people in Haiti, but unsure which of the many opportunities out there to get involved with, will you consider Compassion? Below are some ways that you can begin to help the people of Haiti, all the while knowing that your donations and assistance are being handled properly, and will get to the people who need it.

Online giving through Compassion can be done at Compassion's Disaster Relief Fund Donation forms for individuals, churches and businesses can be found on this website. If you are a child sponsor, please write in your Adv # and your appropriate source code, but you do not need to be a sponsor to donate funds.

If you are interested in keeping updated on what Compassion is doing in regards to Haiti relief efforts, you can visit their blog at; or Twitter; or Facebook; or on the Crisis Update Page on .

This is a great time to the be the hands and feet of Jesus, to people who may not even know who Jesus is. And today, I will get on my knees, and thank God for all the little things that I normally take for granted, and be keenly aware of everything that God has allowed me to be blessed with.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracie,

The poor...

My heart goes out to them so so much. Yes we are blessed with so much....there are times (I mean alot of times) when I feel pulled to help...and also feelings of guilt of all I have been blessed with.

This was My Daily Inspiration I read this morning:

St. Agnes, virgin and martyr

I am bourn, O God, by vows to you; your thank offerings I will fulfill.
psalm 56:13

How do you give "thank offerings" for God's many blessings? A wise woman told me, "When I celebrate, I give someone else a reason to celebrate too." When she buys a pair of shoes, she also sends the price of the shoes to an organization that clothes the needy. When she paid off her student loans, she sent the cost of the last payment to support a school on a Native American reservation. Such "matching-grant gratitude" is a great way to show and share thanks.

Another great reliable organization I enjoy is Cross International Catholic Outreach. to visit there website and make a donation one can go to you can watch a great youtube video about them...and they have a great Thank You video also.

May we all be doers today. When one of us buys our next pair of (not so needed) shoes let our hearts also feel the need to let someone else feel the rejoicing instead of us.

Tracie a belated Birthday Wish to YOU!! :)

Today.. I will join with you... on my knees I will go.

Together we can make a difference,