Monday, October 20, 2008

12 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

If Im having a really bad day.... watch out. Just ask my kids and my husband (wait...on second thought, dont ask him).

If Im not careful, I can take my bad mood, or bad time of the month, out on them! If Im not careful, I can allow the frustrations, anger, hurt or pain of the situations in my life to cause me to lose sight of the fact that I should be thankful for another day that God allowed me to spend on this earth. I can lose sight of all the millions of blessings He has showered down upon me.

If you are like me, sometimes we have to make it our goal to change a bad day into a good day. Nobody can make us have a bad day, except for us. Regardless of what happens around us or to us, we always have the power to choose out attitude.

With the help of Jesus, we can change our bad mood, into a good mood, simply by changing our perspective, and refocusing on doing something positive instead of stomping around in a bad mood all day and inflicting ill will on everyone we come in contact with.

Having a bad day? Here are a few suggestions for turning a bad day into an awesome day.

1. Play with your kids. Really play with them, on the floor, or in the yard, and something that takes time and attention. Turn off the ballgames, the computer, and the phone. Focus on them.

2. Give someone a compliment. Ask God to help you notice special things about a certain friend or stranger so that you can genuinely make their day by lifting their spirits.

3. Sing some praise songs in your car - not with a little lip movement, but full blown singing out loud as if you were standing on stage performing. If people stare and laugh, then so be it - now you have helped them to have a better day too.

4. Read Philippians 4, and while you are at it, think about where Paul was while he was writing it, and the fact that he wrote the word "joy" sixteen times while he was at it.

5. Bake your favorite kind of cookies, cakes or home made candies. Surprise the kids or grandkids when they get home from school - open the door when they get off the bus so the delicious aroma will reach their little noses before they even get inside the house.

6. Eat some of those cookies, cakes and home made candies and dont think about calories. In fact, get some milk too.

7. Go the mall or grocery store and do some people watching. See if you can determine if they are having a good day or bad day, and say a little prayer for them.

8. Do something for someone you love, that is totally unexpected. Clean the house for your wife, buy a pretty negligee for your husband, send someone flowers to a friend with an encouraging note, or get off the phone/computer the minute your kids get home from school.

9. Pray. Having a one on one conversation with the creator of the Universe who also happens to be your daddy can genuinely lift your spirits.

10. Think of someone whom you admire or who has made an impact in your life, and give them a call. Dont tell them about your bad day, just focus on making their day better.

11. Write a letter to a friend you havent seen or talked to in ages. Did I say email? Nope. I said hand written, old fashioned letter, maybe even include a few pictures of the family, your pet, or a special vacation you went on. By the way, let them know how important they are to you.

12. Remember that God loves you, and according to Romans 8:28, all things work for the glory of God for those who love Him. So whatever is the cause of your bad day, is actually a tiny piece of the glorious puzzle that God is putting together in your life to create a breathtaking masterpiece once it is all said and done.

Did you notice that each one of these things that can help you have a better day, also can have a positive affect on someone elses day? Nothing makes us feel better than doing something good for someone else.

Like the old saying goes, tis better to give than to receive - and that includes helping someone have a good day - but as a special benefit, you will end up having a great day too.

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Haroldly said...

very, very interesting.

i just couldnt agree more.


A Simple Country Girl said...


Thank you so much for sharing. And you are right, we must change our attitude when a bad day springs forth--even though this is quite contrary to what the world would lead us to believe. I love your "ways" to change the day and I combine two of them...sing out loud to the Lord with your kid(s)!

Blessings on your day.

Simple Country Girl

Joyful said...

Wow Tracie, as I read through your ideas, I couldn't help but think - what if I tried to do more than one of these every day? Whether I'm having a good day or bad day, these are excellent ideas to be following. After all, probably my days are considered 'good' because everything is going my way. What if it was more my desire to make it a good day for someone else - more concerned about their happiness than my own?

I feel like I should be printing these 12 thoughts out and praying that God would help me make them my lifestyle - not just on my bad days.

My day may not always be 'good', but God is good - and for that I can rejoice always.