Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Panthers!

No, I dont mean the Carolina Panthers. Although I love my NFL Panthers, they did not have a good day today! Geeesh - how many times can you turn the ball over! Anyway, enough about that.

Im cheering for my Piedmont Panthers! Both of my girls have a passion for cheerleading, and this weekend was the busiest day of the season - homecoming. Why they have homecoming in middle school I will never understand - who comes home to middle school? Middle school is the worst 3 years of a girls life in my opinion, and probably for boys too. But nonetheless, it is a big important day for the kids.

My 7th grade daughter, Kaitlyn, has been doing nothing the past few weeks but eating, sleeping and cheering, and a bit of school work of course. They not only had to prepare for homecoming this past few weeks, but they also have a huge competition coming up next Sunday on the 19th. (check back next week to see how they did in competition!)

She had to be at practice at 10am on Saturday, then taken to the stadium at 12pm, of which we stayed there until 6:15pm. Yes I said 6:15pm. OMG. That is a long day of cheerleading. They put on a big performance with all 3 squads at each halftime, and although it is really neat to see that many cheerleaders dance and stunt and cheer together, OMG it is a long day. We were exhausted last night, and every member of our family was in bed asleep by 8:45pm.

But we had fun! I won the most spirited mom contest with my nifty home made apron for the tailgating party, and the girls did a great job on decorating the car!

The only bad news is that Morgan said we had to leave the car like this all week until competition is over...... 7 days from now! Im sure I will draw some attention driving around town all week.

My little man had a game at 3pm on Saturday, so we had to go back and forth for that, but I just cant miss him in his cute uniform! What a sweetie.

Although football is a crazy season of the year for our family, I know these are memories that we will treasure forever. I know that one day we will miss these days, and I hate for them to end. However, when they do end this year, basketball will begin, the holidays will be upon us, school will be in full swing, dances will take place, swim team starts up, and whew, Im tired just thinking about it.

But like Ive said before, it is a great kind of tired.

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Joyful said...

Oh what great fun! So enjoyed all your pictures! You certainly deserved the award for most spirited Mom!!!

Cherish each moment,