Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Im not feeling all that philosophical today. Not sure why. Some days, or at times weeks, I think God just gives my brain a little rest. So I was wondering, "what can I write about, if I dont have anything halfway important to say?"

While my mind was wandering, I started thinking about things I wish I were doing or enjoying right now, instead of sitting here staring at my computer, and my thoughts drifted off to some of my favorite things. So here they are!


25 of my favorite things:

1. Seeing my childrens groggy faces in the morning after a good nights sleep.
2. Enjoying a sit-down meal with the whole family, instead of in front of the TV, standing in the kitchen, or driving down the road trying not to spill or drip anything.
3. A Starbucks skinny vanilla latte with lots of sugar free vanilla - all the pleasure, not the calories. Or a cinnamon dolce latte, Im not that picky.
4. Shopping. For clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, gadgets, games, light fixtures, and whatchamacallits. Did I say I like shopping yet?
5. Laying in the hot sun on a warm summer day, either at the beach or the pool.
6. Taking a cruise.
7. Having my husband do something special for me, just because, not because it was a holiday or a special occasion.
8. Breakfast in bed on mothers day, fixed by little hands, consisting of pop tarts and cereal, with a few handmade cards on the side.
9. The Caribbean, white sand, clear water, palm trees and warm breezes.
10. The smile on my childrens faces when we have spent time together and their love tanks are full.
11. The entire month of December - potpourri, cinnamon and oranges, the scent of evergreen, sparkling lights, holiday music, church activities, shopping, shopping, and more shopping, giving gifts that people love, the manger scene, light festivals, the Christmas Show, Christmas trees, garlands, and bows, cooking and baking, and holiday parties.
12. Summer - not just for the weather, but because there is no school, no friend drama, no teen crises, and no alarm clocks.
13. My church, and my church family.
14. My Bible, and inspirational books.
15. Anything consisting of chocolate content, especially oozing warm chocolate cake and Twix bars.
16. Key Lime pie.
17. Girlfriend time.
18. When my husband makes plans to take me to dinner, or anywhere for that matter, just because he knows that my love language is time with him.
19. Singing praise music.
20. Seafood Fettucini Alfredo - yummy! This dish ROCKS at Olive Garden.
21. Cooking a great meal and seeing everyone enjoy it,without complaining, making faces, or saying they dont like it or it tastes wierd.
22. Decorating my house.
23. Playing Tennis.
24. Working on my message topics and seeing God bring them all together just perfectly.
25. Life.

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Amy Carroll said...

One of my favorite things is traveling with my speaking sisters. Sure hope that we can do that again one day soon! Thanks for sharing your favorite things.


Angie said...

I'm with you on 14..the second have two. :)
Is there anything better than chocolate??
Beaches, white sand, warm sun, calming waves...take me there.

Joyful said...

Well, 19 of your 25 would be mine too!

I enjoy it when God gives my brain a little rest. Fun to read the things that delight your heart.

There are many other things I wish I was doing right now too *smile*.

Have a great day my friend,