Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Family Is Better Than Cable

"Our family is better than cable!" That is what my son said in the car the other day as he was lauging hysterically and rolling around in the seat. It was so funny! I dont know where he came up with that, or where he heard it, but regardless of where it came from, it was hilarious!

At the time he said this, me and the kids were riding in the car somewhere, which is where it seems like we spend half of our life. The entire car ride, the kids had been laughing, cutting up with each other, making jokes, telling stories about stuff and people at school, making faces, etc.

Basically, just pure silliness. It was great.

Some of the most precious times we have as a family are in the car, believe it or not. Expensive vacations, dinner and movie outings, and special family activities are great, but it is the every- day life events that really mean the most to me. Times when we are just hanging out with each other, doing nothing much to speak of, except being together. Times when nobody is fighting over the remote, calling someone a name, or arguing over whose turn it is to sit beside mom at dinner. Times when life seems simple and carefree, even for just a few minutes. Times when my heart is so full of happiness from sharing life with my kids that I am reminded how much of a blessing they are to me.

Now trust me, there are days when I have to remind myself of that blessing, due to over flowing to-do lists, over flowing laundry baskets, and over flowing mood swings from all persons living in the household. Days when I feel under appreciated, undervalued, and insignificant. Days when I feel like all I do is rack up hundreds of miles on my car in a day, trying to meet everyones varying schedules and still be fussed at for being a few minutes late somewhere. Days when I spend two hours fixing a new recipe for dinner, only to have a bunch of little faces snub their noses at it. Days when my husband and I are not experiencing any marital bliss. Days when I feel like I let God down so much, that He is probably shaking His head and shrugging His big mighty shoulders... again.

Those are days that I recognize my need for God the most, to help me get through the day with grace, and refuel my energy and my spirit with His love and His strength.

And those are the days that I really look to my sweet family to lift my spirits.

Those are the days that I really need some good ol downhome family time, and need something much more entertaining and fulfilling than television can provide.

Yep, those are the days that I dont need any cable. Cable is way over rated.

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Oh Dear said...

I could not agree with your son more! Families are way better than cable!

Joyful said...

What a precious family you have Tracie. Everyone looks so happy. You all share the joy of the Lord.


Wendy Blight said...

Love this picture. And, Tracie, thank you for reminding me that the simple times, the silly times are best...and it is probably what they will remember the most years from now. Loved this post!!



B His Girl said...

That's definitely a good line and I hear joy in that. For a child to see the value of their family and express it is huge. Thank you Lord. Cute, Cute children. Cable doesn't light a candle next to those faces : )

Mom to 4 said...

Your family is precious! Kind of reminds me of you and your sis and brother! I always love to hear my kids laugh! It makes me remember why I love them so much!