Monday, August 3, 2009

My Top Ten She Speaks Moments

Well today was a reality facing day - ran around this morning getting Kaitlyn to cheerleading practices, then spent a couple hours getting eye exams for the kids, and then an hour at another doctor for Morgan, then on to the pharmacy, the grocery store, and home to cook dinner.

Was it just yesterday that I came home from She Speaks? Surely it was longer ago than that? But even though I have to come back to the ordinary of life, I expect to continue to experience God in extraordinary ways as a result of fully experiencing Him this weekend.

And I have to tell you, that I experienced a revelation this weekend. I had prayed in the last few weeks for God to give me a revelation, and He did. I will be praying about how God wants me to share that message with you, but in the meantime, I want to share a few thoughts with you about She Speaks.

My sweet friend Glynnis put her top ten She Speaks moments on her blog, and it seemed like a great idea! I had been trying to wrap my mind around how to put down all of the blessings that I experienced over the weekend, and that seemed like a great way.... so here they are!

1. Getting to spend two days with all of my Proverbs 31 sisters before the conference began. Funny how you can not see someone for a whole year, but once you get together, it seems like they never left. Precious friends.

2. The realization of Gods intervention in the lives of the 600 women that invested their time and money to come learn about speaking and writing, even when most of them didnt fully know what God was calling them to do.

3. The fact that these 600 women came from 42 states and 5 countries around the world to attend this conference leaves me awestruck.

4. The special treat this year of having my mother and both of my daughters at the conference with me, and getting to share this invaluable experience with them.

5. The renewed passion and enthusiasm for serving in ministry that I walk away with each year.

6. Seeing all the hands raised, tears streaming, hearts moving, and hugs flowing as we sing treasured worship songs to the beautiful voice of Cheri Keaggy.

7. Bumping into two wonderful ladies who had invited me to speak at their event last year in Georgia - wonderful to see them again and get reacquainted. Also saw several ladies from past speaker evaluation groups which was great!

8. Getting to know the hearts of the women in my speaker evaluation group as they nervously shared their testimonies and messages that they had prepared, sometimes for the very first time. What an awesome privilege to seeing the reality of God working so powerfully in their lives.

9. Getting the opportunity to hear powerful and life changing messages throughout the weekend, from Lysa Terkeurst, Wendy Pope, Renee Swope, and Jennifer Rothschild.

10. Getting to meet Jennifer Rothschild, have her sign her book for me, and entrust me with a picture of us together. This is a woman that I so admire and who has been a spiritual influence for me as I have walked down this path of getting to know God. (I will tell you more about her later!)

And even though I said only ten, I have to list one last thing - the most important of them all - the most astounding and breathtaking of them all - the most life changing and heart rewarding of them all - GOD SHOWED UP BIG TIME.

His presence could be felt so strongly throughout the weekend, and especially in our prayer room. So much so, that even people who worked at the hotel seemed at a loss for words, and were moved by the Spirit, even if they didnt understand what they were feeling.

On Saturday, one housekeeping employee asked one of our speakers what was going on in the prayer room, and she told her. This lady said she could feel the Holy Spirit so heavily that day, but she didnt understand what it was all about, until she asked and the love of God was explained to her. Then she said that when the conference comes back next year, she plans to attend as an attendee, not a housekeeper. Wow. And listen to this - she was a hispanic woman, who didnt speak English and without knowing, she asked my wonderful P31 sister Van, who just happens to speak fluent Spanish. Wow. Out of 600 people, she asked Van. Wow.

I hope to post some more God-stories from She Speaks in the next couple weeks, so check back for some serious inspiration!

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Joyful said...

Oh Tracie, I just loved reading your top 10. And WOW...the story of the housekeeping gal and Van...WOW...only God...only God!!!!

So excited to read how God answered prayer this past weekend. He really does answer beyond what we can ask or imagine!!!!


B His Girl said...

Thanks for sharing Tracie. I know it was a blessing for all who attended. God is so good.

~Amy~ said...

Only God can set up a divine appt. like that. Thanks for sharing.