Friday, August 21, 2009

At A Loss For Words

You are not going to believe what happened to me last night, which left me at a loss for words. I had been a little down yesterday afternoon, praying about something, and asking God for peace, understanding, confirmation and direction.

Around 7:15pm, I left the house to go pick up Morgan from cheerleading practice. I turned out of the driveway and casually glanced at the house as I pulled away - then slammed on brakes, stopped dead in my tracks, and gasped loudly, while the words "OH MY GOSH!", flew out of my mouth.

The biggest, most glorious, beautiful, vibrant rainbow had hung itself right over my house. An entire semi-circle, was perched vividly in my yard, casting a glow of color and sunshine onto my roof.

When I say it was breathtaking, I mean that literally. I actually felt my breath leave my chest as I gasped. Kaitlyn was sitting in the car with me, and was alarmed at my outburst, thinking something was terribly wrong - then after realizing what was going on, she was a a bit confused at my apparent meltdown over a rainbow.

Friends, I cried. Tears filled my eyes and streamed down my face. And God impressed two words upon my heart in that moment: TRUST ME. It was loud as if I had heard those words with my audible hearing, and almost seemed as if I could see the words "TRUST ME" written in deep purple letters across the center of the rainbow.

Now you may be thinking the same thing that Kaitlyn was thinking - that something is seriously wrong with me. Who cries over a rainbow? What a weirdo.

But I dont think Im a weirdo really (maybe sometimes, I must admit), but in this situation, I was just so moved by the Holy Spirit, and so in awe of this gift that God had given me. I was so impacted on the inside, that I could not help my outward reaction.

I could hardly process the fact that I could "see", with my human eyes, a message from the most High God, and that I could also "see" with my heart, that He was talking to me.

When I got back home, I could not wait to open my Bible, and see if God was going to confirm His gift to me through His Word. I was praying that He would illuminate a scripture to me, relevant to what I needed to hear. I flipped open The Book to a random page, and looked at the first passage on the page:

Psalm 37, and my eyes got stuck on verses 3-7:

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and he will do this; He will make your righteousness shine like dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; ............ (NIV)

Again - breath taking. Complete and utter awe in the supernatural holy intevention that I was experiencing. I first heard Him say "trust me", then I read His words that said "trust me".

I will trust in my God today, no matter what. I know that He is in control and He sees.

God works in such amazing ways - and what is most amazing, is that He does it in ways that we will understand. This rainbow may not have ministered to another person in the world. Other people in my neighborhood may not have even taken time to notice..... but to me, it was the greatest and most timely gift He could have given me.

If you have been anxious or fretting or worried about something in your life, and the "what-if's" are causing you a lot of stress, put it in Gods Hands today.

He is calling us to TRUST HIM, in all His ways. Wait on Him. Believe that He is working on your behalf. Look for His gifts in your life today. The gifts are there for us, but we have to choose to see them and open them with our heart.

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Anonymous said...

How awesome that God gave you what you needed...written in your (rainbow) language :) !

Eagles Wings said...

No I don't think you are crazy, you were just having a GOD moment!!!
Praise God for His little reminders that he loves us...and just to trust HIM!
Psalms 37:4-6 is my favorite, I actually wrote that in my blog on Wednesday...

Anonymous said...

After reading your post yesterday I also asked God for a little something, anything that will encourage my heart. The scripture verse in Psalms 37 really sparked the hope in my heart that I needed. Our God is so awesome. Be encourage Tracie, God is letting you know that "His covenant (what the rainbow represents) He will not break with you, you are so special to Him. That God will care so much for you to go such a distance for you to know that He cares really blows my mind. If you had seen a rainbow only once, your would have chalked it up to every day occurences, but God has made sure that you KNOW that those four rainbows appeared for you to know without a doubt that He cares for you individually, as His very own child. Again God is so awesome, you wrote the book, He has given you the look

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I owe you several of those, but today, I needed the reminder of the rainbows (3 of them in a week) that I felt this exact same way about before deciding to pack up my life and move to another city. Now that things aren't falling together as I had thought/planned (or even at all in some areas) and the world seems to be breaking me down, I have been questioning the decision to move here. I'm sitting at my desk crying. Thank you for the reminder, thank you for sharing your walk, thank you for your obedience in being His vessel. God Bless you.

Angie said...

I don't think you are crazy at all and I read this, tears have filled my eyes because I know the importance of that confirmation and I know the overwhelming of emotion that can come to see that promise from God. That little reminder that He does care and He does hear and is waiting for His time to reveal His answer. That answer may not be today but seeing that rainbow can give us such a comforting feeling knowing He has heard and we are not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 19:1 (New International Version)

Psalm 19

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Connie said...

Tracie, Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us to trust the Lord ourselves. Your story and God's amazing displays of rainbows for you these past several days have been a great encouragement for me to ask God to let me see the gifts He has placed in my life just for me.

mary said...

Thanks you for share your God moment. Psalm 37 has been what God has been giving me that last few months. Last night in my worry praying I ask to be shown what I should do. Guess what was the 1st thing I read this morning!!!
Praise Jesus for answered prayer!! Not only was God answering your prayers but this was answer to my prayer. Our God is sooo good! Blessing & Peace Mary

Joan said...

Tracie - you are not crazy, it was a God moment.

When my mother passed away several years ago, I looked outside on the morning of her funeral and saw a beautiful rainbow. I beleive God sent that rainbow to confirm that He was with me and will always be with me no matter what I face in life. And I knew that my dear mom was "over the rainbow" save in the arms of Jesus.

Tracie Miles said...

Thank you all for your comments - it is so awesome to see how God uses the beauty of the rainbow to touch each of us, and speak to each of us, in special ways about special circumstances in our lives. How anyone can think that God didnt create that, leaves me stunned. Amazing.

LeeAnn said...

Look for the gifts in your life today! Yes, how awesome is our Heavenly Father who desires to give us what our heart desires! Thank you Tracie for sharing how God gave you such a concrete vision of his promise to take care of you and guide you.

This is the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks that God has given something tangible (feel, touch or see)to either myself or my friends. He continues to amaze me and I am in awe of his love for me. I continue to be watchful!

Tracie, thank you for sharing and being real with us. You are indeed a wonderful blessing and encouragement.

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Just say those words...when you feel the doubt settling in.... of what he is placing upon your heart.

Know that you are not crazy...You have been given light. The feeling you felt is one I believe of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. Yes it is an awesome and wonderful feeling. (presence of God).

On the morning after coming back from my walk seeing that ALL WHITE DOVE setting on the top of our homes roof. (which I have never ever seen an ALL WHITE DOVE in our area). Let me full of his light ...than when I came into journal on the top of my journal page for that day was this:
....stop and consider God's wonders. (Job 37:14). The thoughts that were going through my mind. The peace felt...was undescribible. This was back in April of 2004. This feeling will never be forgotten.

Tracie....I would of felt the same way as you did.


Jolene said...

I saw the two most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. The day my husband and I brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital. I was a nervous new mom awed by the precious gift of a daughter God gave us. My hubby and I agreed that the rainbow was God's promise that he would watch over our little girl, and guide us in our new role as parents. Thank you for sharing your rainbow story with us!