Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day To Rejoice

All I can say is - wow. And "wow" does not even do justice to the things I have been feeling as each of you so transparently showed yourselves and your love for Christ each day through your comments and personal experiences. God has been at work over the past week!

On a personal note, I just want to say thank you to each of you who shared your thoughts through the comments. Even though hundreds of people may read a blog each day, very few take the time to comment, not realizing the impact that they could have on hearts of so many women who need to hear about Gods love at work. So thank you all for allowing God to use you to touch all of us! I want to take a minute to mention just a few thanks from the past week:

Issy - wow, what an amazing story of how God pulled you out of a terrible domestic abuse situation, into a life that is focused on Him. How He rewarded your faith with a wonderful husband and little girl is truly moving. I praise Him for what He has done in your life and how you are able to glorify Him and use that bad experience as a shining example of His redeeming love and blessing!

Angie - you are always an inspiration with your thought provoking comments. You have a gift for writing and for putting your thoughts into words that glorify Christ.

Rhonda - thank you for words of wisdom about being a mom, and how we need to never lose sight of the blessings of the children that God has given us,but how He gives us those children when it is His timing and not our own. Thank you for giving us an example of someone who showed up for Christ even though it was not popular. (check out her comment for the link about that story)

Beth - for reminding us of the importance of family, putting aside our excuses and feelings of unworthiness, and not getting pulled into the negativity that the world tries to bestow upon us.

Connie - for sharing how difficult it is to break that habit of negativity and tear down those walls that keep us apart from others, and for sharing how God has called you to step out of your comfort zone about speaking. It is so hard to comprehend that we are capable of doing anything for such an awesome God, but it is so great to see how He is can use even when we do not feel capable.

Danielle - what a great example of how the enemy uses simple discouragement to cause us to lose sight of the original vision that God gave us, and how God uses experiences of our past and works on our hearts to help us see the tasks that He ordained for us. How exciting that you are starting your mother-daughter class up again!

Jill - for sharing your experience, how God continued to call you despite lots of hurdles, and how we truly can be victorious if we move out of comfort zones.

LeeAnn - for sharing your story of your childhood and how through your grandparents, God impacted your life and your heart forever. What an incredible example they were, and such a vivid picture of how it is so important to focus on pulling the hearts of children towards God so that His kingdom can impacted for generations to come through the efforts that we put forth in other peoples lives.

The Seeking Mom - thank your for your transparency about your own struggles, and how God has given you that extra little boost to use the stories He has written in your life to write a book - good luck! You are so right - it is the stories of Jesus working in our lives that ministers to people, so keep it up!

Tracey - for sharing your struggle with what God is calling you to do and your desire to work with the singles ministry, which is a very important ministry that so many women need to feel valued and loved despite their circumstances. A great reminder that Gods plans are always bigger than ours, and that He can use us in ways that we would never feel qualified for.

And for all of the rest of you who commented, thank you! Your thoughts and stories are an inspiration to me, and I pray that God will continue to challenge you and pull you out of your comfort zone, and right into the promised land that He has prepared just for you!

As promised, I put the names of each person who commented on all five days into a cup, and prayed that whoever God chose to receive the book, that their name would be drawn. After praying, I asked my son to pull a name out of the cup, and the name he chose was Rhonda. Yeah Rhonda! So as soon as you email me your address, I will get the book in the mail to you. I pray God uses it to minister to you in a special way!

If anyone is interested in purchasing the book, it is available on the Proverbs 31 website.

I pray you will continue to visit me and keep in touch, and that God will work miracles in your lives that you never saw coming! Many blessings.

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Danielle said...

Oh, bummer! But, PTL for Rhonda. hehe!

Anonymous said...


Oh my Gosh!!!.... the amazing Faith experience continues. If you could see me now....The feelings that are traveling through my body. Can you give your son a hug from me.

This summer has been amazing!! God has been showing me great things. (If I put my trust and faith in him). Would like to share it sometime. But my peaceful time is coming to an end. This week I have my hard working husband home with us...

I would like to thank you and all the gals who were with us through out this Faith Challenge. May God bless each and everyone of us through out our journey...Seek Him!! Is the best advice I can give.

Tracie you have been wonderful through out this. YOU are very gifted. You mentioned :Even though hundreds of people may read a blog each day, very few take the time to comment....Tracie I want to encourage you....you do leave a mark pressed upon our hearts and always, always, always leave us something to think about through out our day. Do know your gift is helping others.

I emailed you my address.

Thanks your very very much Tracie...May ALL your days be filled with REJOICING!!

A quote from someone I look up to comes from Mother Teresa......
"We can do no great things...only small things with great love.

"Blessed are the Givers....
and Grateful are the

Thanks so much Tracie.

P.S. Danielle...God Bless!! Keep perserving!! You and your daughter CAN change hearts. A bible verse which helped me complete something this summer which kept me going comes from Joshua 1:8-9," Keep this BOOK of the law on your lips. RECITE it by day and by night, that you may OBSERVE CAREFULLY all that is WRITTEN in it; then YOU WILL SUCCESSFULLY attain your GOAL. I command you; be firm and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD, your God, is WITH YOU wherever you go."