Monday, October 5, 2009

Baggy eyes, but a cheery heart

Wow, what a tiring weekend! Sometimes I wake up on Monday mornings and wonder where the weekend went, and today was one of those days! This morning Kaitlyn came into my bedroom not long after I woke up, and her sweet morning greeting words were, "nice eyes mom".

No, she was not complimenting on my blue eyes, but on the sags and bags under them! I was so tired, and have to admit it was not a pretty sight!

But it was a great weekend, filled with all the things that consume our everyday life in this wonderful fun season of 24/7 parenting. We also had some company over the weekend as my husband was involved with a member/guest golf tournament so that was a great time with friends. Saturday was full of cheerleading practices, homecoming, and two football games to attend, and Sunday was a jam packed day watching a cheerleading competition.

So I thought I would expose my proud mama ego today and share my daughters competition routines with you. Even though they made a few errors, both squads one first place! It was so nice to see the months and endless hours of practice pay off.

Below are videos of their routine, and you can check out some more pictures of the event at my Facebook page if you want to visit me there.

So many things to be thankful for, especially the simple pleasures of watching your children do something they love. Makes my heart smile and full of "cheer". Smiles.

What you are thankful for today?



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Anonymous said...

Your girls are so pretty. I have been following your blogs for some time now. Remember last year the one after you cleaned out you closet? Could sure use your help. Do you come to NJ?...LOL
Would love to meet you in person.
What a great inspiration you are!
Have a blessed day.

Tracie Miles said...

Joan - thank you for your sweet comments, and your encouragement! It means more than you know. I would love to come to NJ! Pass my info on to your womens ministry director and maybe God will bring me there! (and maybe I could help with some closet cleaning too. Smiles.)

Take care friend. :)