Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Got any babysitting stories?

This weekend I will be doing a radio interview on Encouragement Cafe ( you can check out your local listings or listen online at http://www.wtru.com/)

This is a wonderful show, hosted every Saturday at 2pm by my friend and fellow P31 sister Luann Prater . Every week they have different topics and different guest speakers, and my topic this Saturday will be babysitting - yes, I said babysitting! This station and radio show is all about equipping and helping moms and women deal with the every day struggles in life, including finding sitters for their precious little ones!

So first, I want to encourage you to tune in this Saturday at 2pm EST or listen online - but secondly, I would love to hear some childcare stories or tips that you have experienced or tried, that might be beneficial for other moms to hear discussed.

One thing I always remember from when my children were younger, were those experiences that were not so good. For example - that time I came home one day after a long day of work only to find huge letter X's drawn on the walls, all the way up the stairwell and on into the playroom walls; or when I got a phone call that my infant son had rolled off the couch and wouldnt stop crying, only to find out later that he had cracked his collar bone; or when my entire kitchen was destroyed when the babysitter thought she would take a shot at making up on her own cake recipe from scratch, using every ingredient she could find in the kitchen. I'll stop there for now!

I am sure you have your own interesting stories, suggestions, mishaps, and great babysitting tips that would benefit other moms. Would you be willing to share a few? Maybe they not only will bring insight to readers of this blog, but I can possibly use them on the air this weekend too to help moms around the country.

Here are a few questions to get your thoughts rolling:
* what do you think about when choosing a babysitter?
* what do you need to tell the babysitter about the children and vice versa?
* did you experience any funny (or sad/scary) stories?
* how do you show respect for the babysitter?

So babysitters/moms/grandmoms/aunts/nannies - put on your thinking caps! I would love to hear from you! From all the comments left on the blog this week and next week after the show, I will draw one name to win a book entitled a "Hold You, Mommy: Moments with God for Moms On The Go", by Hilliard and Autry. What mom couldnt use that?!

I am looking forward to chatting with you this week. :)

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mary said...

When my children were small we lived away from family. We 1st lived in MA. then in Germany. In Ma we didn't know anyone, but people from my husband job. In Germany there was a small group of English speaking expats that became our friends. So it was hard to know who I could trust. Prayer was a great comfort in helping to choose a sitter. I also went with my gut feelings. If I wasn't comfortable with the person, I wouldn't use them. Even if it meant I missed out on doing things. I would interview several people that were recommended. I would let them sit for a short period then talk with my children about that person. When the children were too small to talk I would just surprise the sitter with coming home earlier then planed. This is a great way to see how things are going. Again pray & go with your gut. Blessings & Peace Mary

Tracie Miles said...

Great suggestions Mary! I totally agree with latching on to that mother's instinct and relying on prayer. Thanks!

Mom to 4 said...

I have four children and it is always hard to find good sitters. There are a couple of things I have found helpful. One thing is I always tell the babysitter what I expect of them. Such as putting dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning up after themselves and helping the kids. I usually say things like, "It is so helpful when everything is straightened up when I get home." I don't expect for them to scrub my floors, but I don't want to come home to a bigger mess than I left!
The second thing I always do is to have a list visible of important phone numbers. Mine, my neighbors, and close friends. My list is on the fridge. I also include poison control and my address. If you call 911 they always ask your address. Sometimes it is hard to recall in an emergency situation. The kids know where this list is too.
This maybe too much info! Sorry for rambling!
Many blessings to you!

donnasfineart said...

I wanted to write because I feel having 5 children something in one of those years would make someone laugh or cry...unfortunately I can only remember one time only once I used a babysitter. Why? I mean I do have 5 kids? I just couldn't afford ONE!!! After having the older ones & the twins were born, when we finally decided to go out the older ones were either the sitters or I begged my mom, which since she didn't have much of an active life, she was my babysitter. I used to feel guilty always asking but geez when I used to sit as a teen it was $2.00 or less an hr. Ask in the middle '90's it's $5.00 an hr! It blew the night or even thinking of going out. I had one who had so Manu holes in her nose, lips, belly & ears I knew she was the last!

But the one thing that comes to mind that made me laugh & cry was when the twins were 6 months is still vivid. I had put them down for their daily afternoonnsp, every one of my children napped twice daily, it was my quiet time. So it was going on 3 hrs & not a peep. I never used an intercome, I should of. Anyway, they had basically climbed out of their cribs half way through, the evidence stayed on the posts, their diapers. They then, naked as jay birds made their way by crawling into my room & in my purse, took out my makeup. Not just eyeshadow or easy stuff to remove but LIPSTICK, at 6 months, swiveling it out & all proceeded to lipstick their faces, every bit!

To speak about it now makes me laugh but I was so exhausted & felt so crazed with all of them, I just looked at them & cried & laughed cried some more. To end this crazy story it basically took me more than an hr to remove the red lipstick!!! I called my husband & said "can you please come home I'm gonna flip" inbetween tears & giggles.

I have a ton more but this was brought up by the look I received from one of the girls, she was saying, " what's the matter mom, we had fun!" only God gave me the grace to get through!

love Donna

Anonymous said...

Do I have any babysitting Stories...

....what do I think about when choosing a babysitter???

Hi Tracie,
This is something we never considered very much....I can count the times when we got a sitter.

When our children came, sacrifices were made. The sowing of our wild oats days were over.

We were the parents now.

The example setters.

We became a family unit....When going some where our children came with us.
...We started doing things a family could do.
....When grocery shopping they came with me.
...Going on a vacation it was a family vacation.
... A husband and wife outing we put the kids to bed and would have a movie night at home.
... Doing yard work even at a young age they were in a back pack riding the lawnmower with me.
... Going for my walks they were pushed in a buggy those ones with the bigger wheels.
...When we built our home we put in our driveway they were with us in the trucks.
... Planting the trees in our yard they had their little shovels out there planting trees with us. They would dig some of the smaller seedling and plant them....This one area on our yard is the patch planted by them which we call there patch. Today they have grown much.
...When my husband goes to change the oil in his truck...They were there following behind him. Today I can send my 16 year old out to change the oil in the vechicles.

Galatians 6:7 Keeps me going ,"Make no mistake: God is not mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows.

Galatians 6:9,"Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.

One to Ponder:
Children's Needs...
The greatest need of your children is to experience the love of their parents for each other.
From: Graced and Gifted

Moms & Dads....May I encourage YOU today it is all worth it.

Jesus came to serve....not to be served.

God Bless....Rhonda