Friday, June 25, 2010

More Than Crumbs

Recently when a wonderful summer beach getwaway week was coming to an end, God spoke something sweet to my heart.

On my last morning at the beach, I had gotten up early for my morning run. As I was running, I caught a glimpse of a few seagulls aimlessly wandering around the beach. But I noticed that there really were not many seagulls to be found this early in the morning, and then I starting wondering why.

You know seagulls are pretty funny creatures. When you think about it, it seems that they could smell a potato chip crumb a mile away. You could be sitting peacefully on the beach without a seagull in sight, and then one kid throws down a piece of crust from their sandwich, and suddenly dozens of seagulls come swooping down from out of nowhere! It is like being in the middle of the movie set for that old awful movie, The Birds!

I thought about how seagulls always stay at a distance, until they want something to eat, or think that someone has something to give them, then they come running - or should I say dive bombing. As that thought crossed my mind, God impressed upon my heart that I am often just like those seagulls.

I could go several days, maybe more than a week, just wandering. Wandering through my days, never really sitting down and talking with God in focused prayer. In fact, I could go days without actually studying His word and digging into the meaning of passages to apply to my own life, never giving Him an opportunity to help me or guide me.

But, oh boy, as soon as something happens that makes me mad, sad, worried, frustrated, confused or upset - I go flying straight over to God, swooping in out of nowhere, dive bombing into His presence and expectantly waiting for Him to give me a profound thought or answer to prayer. To throw me some crumbs that will be my portion for the day.

That must disappoint God. He has so much more to give me than the mere crumbs that I ask for when I am in times of disappointment or turmoil. I truly believe that God is always there for me, and for all His children, holding baskets of delicious spiritual morsels and divine guidance and intervention, but since I do not ask, I do not receive.

I need to focus on the fact that God's wisdom, blessings, comfort, love and guidance are readily available all the time. He is always ready to fill me up with whatever I need. I know He can fill every void or emptiness in me, any hurts or concerns, any frustrations or anxiousness. But I have to ask! And not only when I am hungry for Him to toss me a few crumbs in a time of need. What a shame that my inadvertent negligence, to see out God every day, results in reducing His sovereign and priceless Words, to crumbs.

If you have been keeping yourself at a distance from God, either purposely or inadvertently, and then begging for crumbs from Him when you get desperate, today would be a great day to break that habit. Or maybe you are actively seeking God in your every day life and expecting to be filled to the rim with all He has to give.. then I pray He continues to be your every portion!

I can only speak for myself - but I simply do not want to be satisfied with crumbs! I want the whole basket of goodies! What about you?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracie for these words. Just what I needed to hear! Thanks for being obedient and stepping on my toes!

Rachel B said...

I really needed to read this today. Thank you, Tracie!

silas said...

Thank alot Tracie,
This is a great reminder of what i am supposed to do all the time. God Bless you mightly