Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treasures of the Heart

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. We have had a lot going on in our house, with joyful situations, painful situations, laughter and tears, and a myriad of feelings as we handle the different situations that have filled our days.

This morning my heart was feeling a little heavy. I honestly could not really think of anything to write about. I have so much on my heart, but some of the issues are just too raw to fully process yet, much less put into words. So I began to pray and ask God what to focus on this morning, and the word treasures came to mind.

Hmmmm. Treasures? Well, Im not a queen, or a treasure seeker, but Im sure I have some treasures. Treasures of the heart, that is.

As I began to consider what my personal treasures were, many things started flooding my mind. So I thought I would share some of them with you today - maybe for my own personal heart therapy, but maybe it will also get you thinking about some of the treasures in your life that you have not thought about lately, or even remembered was a treasure. You know, those little life treasures that bring a smile to your face, even when life is just not feeling all that smiley.

So here are a few of the treasures that God brough to my mind this morning:

My children - my 3 most priceless treasures

My husband Michael, and my marriage of 20 years as of last week

Two sets of wooden, handmade people - one set of people praying, and one set of of the nativity scene that I keep out year round. I bought both of these when I was in Ecuador, and each time I look at them, they remind of my trip; to pray for my sponsored little boy Joe; and to be thankful that I do not live in poverty as Joe does.

My gardenia bushes at the back of the house, which are ten times bigger than I ever thought they would get. Every summer they are filled with blooms and I anxiously await the day when I can pick a big bundle of flowers for the kitchen table and keep the kitchen smelling fresh and fragrant for weeks.

My maternal grandmothers (Marion) piano which I inherited - and the memories of her sitting at it playing praise hymns and singing in her alto voice for all to hear.

And my paternal grandmothers (Josephine) bible, with her name signed inside and the date scribbled in of 1940. When she died in January 1995, my dad handed it down to me, with a special message to keep the words inside near and dear to my heart.

All of my precious family (including my sister n law whose picture I need to add to my shelf!)

And last but not least, my special treasure box, that I posted about last year. I still pull out verses from time to time and see what message God has for me for that day.

So these are just a few of my treasures, that I hold dear to my heart and thank God for. What are some of your treasures that God brings to mind? What brings a smile to your face today?

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