Thursday, May 19, 2011

Know any teens who need to know Jesus loves them? (and DVD giveaway!)

If your life includes a teenage girl you love and care about, well have I got a treat for you! Having two teenage girls myself, I know the pressures and challenges that they face every day. And I have to admit that sometimes being a parent of teens, loving them as much as I do, and trying to teach them to make good decisions, can get exhausting!

So I’ve asked my sweet friend and fellow Proverbs 31 speaker Lynn Cowell to join us and chat about her brand new book His Revolutionary Love, which was written to speak to the heart of teen girls who need to know Jesus loves them.

What mom couldnt use a little help to reach their teen's heart for God.... and Lynn has a passion for empowering wise women to raise wiser daughters.

So without further delay, please meet Lynn (

As a speaker and writer with Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lynn Cowell lives in North Carolina with her husband of 24 years and her three teenage children. The Cowells enjoy being outside whether it is hiking, fast pitch softball or white water rafting.

Lynn’s heartbeat is empowering women with confidence through Jesus’ radical love leading them to make wise decisions. She is very excited about the release of her first book “His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You”; a study for young women.

Sushi, well worn sweatshirts and anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter are her top three favorites.

Now, below you can watch a quick clip of Lynn telling of her passion for working with teen girls.

Lynn, what prompted you to write His Revolutionary Love?

When I was 19, I discovered a side of Jesus I had never seen before. I had known Him as my savior, shepherd and friend, but I was still looking for more. It was then that I found Him to be the perfect, unconditional love I was always looking for. I found He wanted to be more than the God I served; He wanted to be the God I loved.

Years later someone I dearly loved was going through her third divorce. I asked Jesus why that wasn’t me. He revealed to me that falling in love with Him had filled my heart and completed me. I had discovered as a teen that if a guy doesn’t like me it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me. I already had God’s approval and it had nothing to do with me. Jesus is crazy about me and that is enough. Spreading this truth is my passion.

What is your greatest desire for the girls who pick up your book?

My prayer is that each young woman who reads “His Revolutionary Love” will discover the Love that has always wanted them and that this Love will fill their hearts for a lifetime. I hope they will find confidence, truth and power that will ruin them for a mundane life. I want them to be ignited with passion for Jesus that will revolutionize their lives with real change.

I want each girl to realize that love, be it from a boyfriend or a dad, can never fill the love gap in our hearts. Only Jesus can.

You are offering a giveaway to one woman who comments on this post. Tell us about it.

Today I am giving away a DVD of my “Revolutionary Love” message; the same message that my book is based on.

Okay ladies, you do not want to miss the opportunity to win this amazing DVD. Just leave a comment about what Lynn has shared today, about your own teen years and your relationship with God then, or perhaps tell us about the girl you would give this prize to if you won.

Have a blessed

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Amy J. said...

There are a couple of young ladies at my church a I would share this with. My Daughter is not a teen yet, but I would love to share this with her when the time is right also.

Sara B said...

I plan to use the book with a group of pregnant teens and teen mothers - many of whom do not have necessary reading skills and would love to have the DVD to use along with the teaching.

Jennifer K said...

I plan to use this for my two teen girls who I love dearly and I want them to know that Jesus loves them more than any man could ever love them.

Julie said...

I would use this for my daughter. She's just finishing up 8th grade and is really struggling with her identity and self-worth. She enters high school in the fall and I really worry about her ability to handle all the pressure.

Savannahhutchinson1208 said...

If I were to win I would give this to a friend of mine who is in her early 20's and is eagar to find a husband. She knows God has someone for her but she said she feels so lonely and it discourages her. I being in a marriage and still felt this way God revealed to me that he is always with me and always interested in me. So I don't rely on my husband to make me happy because only threw Jesus can we truely feel real joy and not comfort. Basically It is important to rely on JESUS! I think she would truely be blessed by this dvd.

Tracey said...

I grew up without the love of my dad. In fact, it was the complete opposite as I thought he didn't love me at all. He had never said it to me one time and then when I was twelve, he attempted suicide. I felt like his willingness to leave me meant that he must not have loved me. I will never know for sure because of his attempt he now has permanent brain damage.
I am also a youth leader at my church and would love to share this with the teen girls.

mizzbrizz said...

I wish I could say that this had been my teen experience: "if a guy doesn’t like me it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me. I already had God’s approval and it had nothing to do with me. Jesus is crazy about me and that is enough." Unfortunately, it took me until last year, post-divorce, to start to realize that I was loved this deeply by God and that the things that happened in my marriage (infidelity) weren't due to something being wrong with me or that I was not enough. Learning that has freed me from feeling like I would or could never be enough. said...

I would share this DVD with my girl scout troop. I've been a leader for 8 years to 10 girls (most of whom I've had for more than 6 years). I know what it feels like to miss out on God's amazing love as a teen and remember the doubt, the low self-esteem, and constant desire to have boys meet needs that only God could, but didn't know it. I want to be the adult in many girls lives who can share with them that it doesn't have to be this way.

Lynn Cowell said...

I loved hearing of all the wonderful young women who will get poured into as a result of your heart for them. Thank you so much!

My dream in writing "His Revolutionary Love" was that women would not hand this book to a teen, but would come alongside and go through it with them. It sounds like my dream is coming true!

If this is you and you would like the free leadership guide for HRL, just email me at and I will get it out to you!

Again, thank you! Wise Women...Wiser Daughters - Lynn

kmigs said...

I recently purchased a copy for my daughter and I and now I am planning to do a summer bible study with a few girls and their mom's. I feel the Lord has been drawing me to several studies and books about having a releationship with him. Something I have never really experienced myself and feel the conviction that my daughter and her friends need this also as they are entering into highschool next year.

LeAnn said...

This sounds terrific. I am part of a team that leads 7th grade girls in discipleship. They are moving up to 8th grade next year. When we get together each week, I hear the longing in their voices - I see the need in their eyes. We are constantly pointing them to the one true LOVE - unfailing love. This sounds like an invaluable tool in our desire to make this real to them. Thanks for the opportunity!

jen said...

I am really interested to try a copy of that book for my soon to be teenage daughter who is already beginning to experience the toils of the teenage years.

kareng said...

I would love to give this to my "step daughter" who has decided I have "stepped" in the way of her getting her way and is on a rebellious rant! Oh how she needs to walk her talk! I am exausted and depleated so I'll take all the help I can get!
Be Blessed,

Anonymous said...

I would share this with my wonderful teenage daughter. She is such a blessing to me.

Leigh F said...

I would share this with my teenage step-daughter who is off to college. She is looking to the world for love and acceptance and not Jesus.

Clare du Bois said...

We are beginning a ministry to kids in bondage to drugs, sex and video games in NM. This is a small town with a very high suicide rate and the local churches aren't getting the radical attention of these kids. I'd love to have a copy of each to inspire our group. Your message is desperately needed, His love for His Bride is literally out of this world and she needs to find herself in His arms again. Clare du Bois,