Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Encouragement For Investing In Yourself

Do you have a ministry that God has called you to, 
but you're not sure how to let people know about it?

Do you ever worry about marketing yourself or your ministry, 
for fear of overstepping God's will?

Has God called you to share His Word, or be His hands and feet, 
in a special and unique way but you need a little guidance about how to get the ball rolling? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have a special treat for you!

I am a featured guest today over at  and if you hop over to their site and check, you can watch my "5 Minute How-To" video called How To Develop A Ministry Marketing Strategy.

You will also have the opportunity to download my Listening Guide for the video, in addition to a free giveaway I have provided called 30 Ways To Market Your Ministry

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I am so excited to have the opportunity through my partnership with to help you gain confidence and insight into how to take an amazing leap of faith and begin investing in your divine calling!

I pray that this marketing information will encourage you to begin thinking about what God might be calling you to do and give you that extra dose of motivation that your heart has been needing.


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Angie Vallejo said...

Saw your video today at women's You don't know how perfect the timing was for this! Thank you!

Christine said...

I just saw this today and wanted to thank you. I'm clinging to God and allowing Him to lead me...although still feeling a little lost at times. Your info is greatly appreciated.

PJ said...

I always tried to Journal. Today I created the leaves on my computer (I use the computer a lot) and I have started to journal using the 5 questions. Awesome, I like it and i think I will learn a lot and fulfill the desire of my heart to get to KNOW GOD and have a closer walk with Him. Thank you for sharing.