Friday, August 31, 2012

You're Invited to Join Tracie's Troop!

UPDATE: 9/4/12 - What an awesome response for participation in this special group!  Unfortunately all spots are filled now, but keep checking back for more opportunities to get involved! 

Hi friends - as I'm sure you've heard (because I talk about it all the time!), my new book is being released in four short weeks!

I thought it would be so much fun to have a special team of women walking along side me to help spread the excitement and create social buzz about this new book to as many people as possible. My goal is not to promote me , but to promote God's message that hope and deliverance from stress is possible when we learn to rely on His peace at all times. I want to help people discover that God is the cure for the stress epidemic!

When I was pondering the thought of forming this special group, I started praying about what to call it, and  suddenly God brought the word "troop" to mind. After looking up the exact definition, I decided that was perfect! Go God! :) 

The word "troop" simply means  a great number or multitude; a body of soldiers; people who flock or march together. 

And that is exactly what my desire for Tracie's Troop is -  a body of God's girls (aka soldiers) marching forward together in confidence to spread the word about the joy and peace that can be found in Christ. 

So why would you want to consider joining Tracie's Troop?

By being of member of Tracie's Troop, you will receive the following benefits: 
* A free electronic version of my new book Stressed-Less Living before the release date (which can be uploaded to your Nook or Kindle, if desired).
* Access to a private Facebook group where we can chat together.
* Invited to participate in a private group conference call with me at the end of September.
* Be the first to know about any new or exciting P31 news, Stressed-Less Living updates, special giveaways, etc.
* Be a part of a close sisterhood who all have one goal in mind - to glorify God!
* Automatically entered into a special Troop drawing to win a Stress Less Gift Pack, which includes two copies of my new book hot off the press, and some special spa items to help you relax.

As a member of the Troop, I would kindly ask for the following: 
* Pray for God to bless this message about stress, and reach His intended readers. 
* Have an active sphere of influence  and be willing to communicate through social media (through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a personal blog, ministry organization or women's ministry, or large bible study).
* For those who have an active blog, chat with me about being a potential guest post.
* Get involved in some group brainstorming and fun discussions about how to best promote this message.
* Agree to write a brief review of the book and post it on Amazon before October 1st.

In a nutshell - members will be asked to pray, socialize, communicate and recommend. Easy enough, right?! My utmost prayer is that members will be blessed by the benefits they will receive by being a part of this fun initiative. So, if you have a strong social media presence and enjoy 'socializing' with others, then I promise you will enjoy the Troop!

What do you think? Are you interested in becoming a member of Tracie's Troop? 

If so - simply copy and paste the below information list into an email, answer the questions, and forward the email to me.  I can only accept 40 women into the Troop at this time, so if you're interested, don't delay!  Group communication will begin in September!

1. Copy and Paste Below List Into An Email  (put Tracie's Troop as the subject)
2. Fill in Answers 
3. Email to Tracie: 

Email address: 
Phone number:
Name and city of your home church: 

Your Blog or Website Address (if applicable): 
# Blog subscribers

Twitter Handle: 
# Twitter followers:

Facebook Address 
# Facebook friends:

Pinterest Address
# Pinterest Followers:

1. Why would you like to be a part of Tracie’s Troop? 

2. What special ways could  you personally or uniquely help spread the word about Stressed-Less Living?

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