Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 Fluffy Reasons To Sign Up for The Stress Detox

The very first 10 Day Stress Detox will kickoff on Tuesday, September 4th! Are you signed up?

Once this original challenge is complete, there will be other opportunities to sign up for the Detox journey, however, this initial challenge is the only time that lots of great freebies, in addition to 10 copies of my new book, will be given away every single day for ten straight days!

Below is a picture of all the fun (and fluffy!) prizes, ready to be won next week!  Giveaways will include 10 personalized signed copies of my new book, Stressed-Less Living, in addition to other motivational books, various spa items, worship CD's, scented lotions and candles, Starbucks gift cards, and more!

So if you have been hesitating about subscribing, get signed up by 10:00pm on September 3rd. After all, you have nothing to lose, and less stress to gain.

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Amber Jones said...

So excited for this stress detox. In the last few months I've been so challenged with things that if I didn't have faith, I wouldn't know how to cope.

Thanks so much!


Kim C. from Michigan said...

Loved the first day, looking forward to the rest of the stress detox. Thanks, Tracie!

Jennifer - Rocky Mount, NC said...

I'm excited to have hope that every day doesn't have to be SO stressful. I'm ready to stop pointing fingers and learn to have peace that really lasts from day to day... peace that exceeds anything man can understand... peace that will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Thank you for putting this together.
Jennifer Shackelford - Rocky Mount, NC

Anonymous said...

40Charlotte - West Plains, MO
Each day has become a stress explosion, and then the challenge to overcome it. The last three years has just been a constant stress because of clinical depression, a suppressed incident being triggered, bankruptcy, and now divorce. BUT, God has constantly been with me as He promises. I don't want to point fingers anymore and accept each day with peach and understanding. Thank you for sharing, Traci!!

Michi said...

Oh, the realization that yes, it is ME! I chuckled reading this when I realized you are describing me. I need to totally SURRENDER to God. Thank you for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

My BIGGEST stress right now is dealing with my 8 1/2 yr old daughter who doesn't want to listen nor do her homework in a timely manner. I love my 3 girls more than life, but my oldest one and I are just butting heads ALL the time. It truly tests my patience BIG time and I just want to blow some days. I want to be a more calm, level headed mom. I love her dearly and I am trying to set up some rules, so that things will run smoother for ALL of us in this house. Been tough. I want to be more like Jesus and I want her too also and for us to work at this thing called life together. Thank you for this ministry! Julie

Anonymous said...

Lynn H. Calgary, Alberta, Canada - My biggest stressors right now are multifold. Sometimes things come along in clumps! My son is going through hard times personally and my heart hurts for him. We downsized into a much smaller place and moved on Labor Day long weekend. My daughter started in a new Christian school as well yesterday. This Stress Detox came at a very good time for me. I am carving out time to be alone with God and destress. It is vital for my sanity!

Anonymous said...

Tami, Lynchburg- My biggest stressor is my fibromyalgia. It is a difficult disease that has taken over my life. I have lost many friends because they do not understand why I stay exhausted and feel bad all the time. It is taxing some days to just get out of bed. The stress of it just makes the fibro worse, its a vicious cycle.

Stephanie Stafford said...

My biggest stress right now is to let go and let God be in control. I have struggled with self doubt and have let it rule over me. Thinking that I can handle it all but I can't. I have allowed my self to stop reading the word to keep me fed. I have been divorced for two years started a new relationship in which was not healthy. We are moving on but I am afraid of failing...again being a single mom. I want to be strong for my daughter and my self.

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of fresh cut grass. It reminds me of God's natural beauty.

Shelly Heggs in MO