Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stress Detox Day 10 Daily Giveaway

Wow - I cannot  believe how quickly time flies and that the first ever 10 Day Stress Detox is coming to a close.

I have been so immensely blessed by your participation, the vulnerability and transparency of your comments, and your willingness to share with others. But most of all, I have been blessed by your courage and faith to embark on this journey to becoming less-stressed. I have read every single comment, some of which made me laugh and some made me cry, but each one was special.

I am feeling revitalized by the excitement and encouragement from all of you,and I pray that you are feeling recharged in your faith, and re-energized in your heart!

But let's be honest. No matter how enthusiastic, peaceful, or less-stressed, we may feel right now - guess what? Life will happen. Stress will rage in out of nowhere, or bubble up gradually until it explodes like a volcano. IF we let that happen.

God is our only hope for keeping our heads afloat in this crazy, unpredictable sea called life. Yet, if we consciously make an effort to stay less stressed, by relying on the tips from this challenge and God's Word, then a stressed-less life can be a reality for us all.

I pray that you have been challenged to make God a priority in your life and that you now see more clearly that He is the answer to stress.

Our last giveaway is upon us, so I threw in an extra special goody just for fun (think Peppermint Mocha Latte, skim milk, no whip, extra hot ).

I am so excited about all of you entering to win today's giveaway, because the more you pass the news, the more people will know how to automatically receive seven great freebies, including you!

Thank you for joining me in this adventure, and for helping spread the less-stress message of hope!

Today's Giveaway: 

A signed copy of Stressed-Less Living
Mango Mandarin Triple Moisturizing Body Lotion
A Pillsbury Apple Turnover scented candle
A $5 Starbucks gift card

How to enter to win: 
Share this exciting news today!

During the week of October 2nd through October 7th, I will be offering a special promotion!!

For anyone who purchases a copy of Stressed-Less Living during that week, they will automatically receive 7 FREE GIFTS! All 7 Gifts are outlined on the Stressed-Less Living website 7 FREE GIFTS page, which include a video series, an MP3 session and a Stressed-Less Living Companion Journal.

So to enter today's giveaway -  just Tweet and Facebook about this fun promo announcement! Let's make this idea of being less-stressed through Christ go viral today! 

You can copy and paste the below tweets and posts, or write your own (but be sure to include my twitter address and #stressless, and my name in your Facebook post so I'll know you entered!)


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Who doesn't want 7 FREE GIFTS, especially if they help fight the battle of stress?! Check out Tracie Miles' site to learn how you can receive 7 great free gifts with one single purchase of her new book Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace In Your Chaotic World!  Click here for all the details and act before October 7: http://www.stressedlessliving.com/#!7-free-gifts/c7qv  

Could you use some great tools and resources to help you deal with the stress in your life? Tracie Miles of Proverbs 31 Ministries is offering 7 FREE GIFTS to do just that! Check out the Stressed-Less Living FREE GIFTS page  before October 7 for all the details.

Also - if you have a great idea/suggestion for how to further spread the word about these free gifts in your sphere of influence outside of social media, feel free to send me an email!

If you do not have Facebook and Twitter, share the news on either one. 

If you have neither FB or Twitter, then leave a comment on my blog stating how you can share the news about the free gifts promo in your sphere of influence! If you want me to get in touch with you about your idea, just state that in your comment!

Thank you all so much for participating in the Stressed-Less Journey!!

Due to a website conversion which is scheduled for this week, the 10 daily giveaway winners will be announced on Monday, September 24th (instead of the 19th). So stay tuned!

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Sharon Hammer said...

What I do is send a text to all women friends letting them now about your site. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I sent a bunch of friends an email with the link and copied you.

SanJose, CA

Anonymous said...

I emailed my friends about your wonderful blog but will email more of my friends about purchasing your book and the free gifts they will get when they purchase Oct 2-7! Thank you Tracie so much for this blog!!!!!

Jennifer York
Springfield, VA

LanaD said...

We have a ladies supper next week and I plan to share about this 10 day detox as well as the book promo with free gifts and where to get them. I love your blog and website, so I will be sharing all that as well. Thanks so much!!

Silvia Arvelo said...

I have posted on both facebook pages. Thank you so much for your daily blogs. I looked forward to each days e-mail with anticipation and learned so much. Thank you for speaking into my life! Many blessings! Silvia

Cheryl said...

Looking forward to your book. Will share with my family and friends

Laura said...

I use email also. The stress detox has been wonderful and I'm feeling a little sad that it is over. Thanks for doing this Tracie!!

Tracie Miles said...

All great ideas! Thank you for your willingness to share and for participating!

Vonnie said...

I just want you to know this last week I got Stress relief by your 10Day Stress Detox, However, I just now got a New Stresser so I need help again & wondered if you could help me again?

Amy W. said...

Hi Tracie! I posted one of the comments on your blog on my Facebook page to let people know about your Freebies. (I am not sure how it works that you would know that b/c it did not tag or highlight your name in my post, so I am letting you know that I did it.) I also posted info about your next 10 Day Stress Detox and encouraged my friends to check it out. I hope they are as encouraged by it as I was. I would love to read your book, and I am trusting the Lord to provide it in His timing. Books are not in our budget right now, as we are adjusting to going from two incomes to one income. Talk about a source of stress! LOL. It is a great faith builder, and I am confident that the Lord will use this to grow our trust in and dependence upon Him in a greater way. Thanks again for everything! I have really enjoyed this journey, and pray the Lord will use what you have shared to grow me in living a less stressed life. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I have forwarded the email on to people who could really benefit from the stress detox(which is pretty much anybody:). I have also been sharing things I have learned with my friends and co workers. I can't wait to get the book!

Frisco TX

Thelma Galloway said...


I have so enjoyed your 10 day stress detox and will continue to use it daily and will share with all women. I look forward to purchasing the book on Oct.2-7.

Thelma galloway

Deb - Az said...

In addition to posting to face book I sent out emails/txt. It's truly a blessing to be shared!

Anonymous said...

Forwarded it to my sisters.
Dayton OH

Anonymous said...

I can share it at our Women's Ministry Team meeting

Janet D
Galax, VA

Missy B said...

I will share it with my ladies accountability group. Hopefully we can use it for our next study