Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stress Detox Day 7 Daily Giveaway

Forgiveness.  Yuck.

They don't deserve forgiveness. They hurt me.  I tried to forgive, but I can't get past it.

If we can't get past it, we haven't really forgiven. That's a hard truth to swallow, but a truth nonetheless.

I've often said that unforgiveness is like ingesting a toxic poison, then waiting for someone else (the person whom you are not forgiving) to die.

But instead, that poison courses through our veins, not theirs, and keeps us from really experiencing God's grace, goodness, joy... and peace. Unforgiveness ushers in an onslaught of its own stress.

Sometimes it helps to write out our feelings - a letter to our transgressor - just to get those emotions off our chest and release them from our mind.  In private writing, we can vent all of our feelings and pent up emotions, and say everything we want to say, without causing damage to someone else's heart.

But instead of giving the letter to our transgressor, we give it to God, and surrender those hurts over to Him.

Then we crumple up those words into a paper ball, and toss them into the trash where they belong, so that God can replace them with love and the divine ability to forgive. 

Just a simple exercise, which can often bring release, freedom and peace.

So today's giveaway offers a tool for letting go of the hurt, and letting God fill the gaps, so that your heart can be cleansed of the poison that might be taking more of a toll on you than you realize.

Of course, these notecards can be used for sweet love letters and notes of encouragement too. And you can definitely put those in the mail.

Today's Giveaway: 

A signed copy of Stressed-Less Living

A green and pink Paisley set of 20 notecards and envelopes, tied up with a pretty pink ribbon

A spa Pouf

How to enter to win: 

Isn't it always a great feeling to share one of God's truths that could change a life?  :)

Forward the Day 7 Stress Detox article, that you received in email today, to a friend or group of friends in your contacts list.

For me to know who has entered:   You can either copy me on your forwarded email, or come back and leave a blog comment stating how many people you forwarded the email to.

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* If you are not receiving the stress detox emails this go round, then feel free to forward your friend(s) today's blog post, or the below link to one of my past blog post which focuses on this hard subject of forgiveness. Then copy me, or hop back over and leave your comment about who you shared with!

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Susie D said...

I forwarded the post to my daughter

Veronica H. said...

I emailed it to my contacts - 15 in all :)

Cindy Denny said...

Hello Tracie,

Thank you for this Stress Detox series. I have so needed it! I have forwarded it to my daughter.


Anonymous said...

I forwarded to 2 friends. One of whom is struggling with a forgiveness issue so I'm hoping this will help her.

Arlene G said...

Hi Tracie, I forwarded this to 15 of my praying friends.
I have a bit of a struggle with this - I have a neighbor who has hurt me not once, not twice but three times over the same insignificant thing and numerous times over other insignificant stuff. I have had such a time with this person and although I forgive her each time it gets harder to forget. I am trying to get past it but the last time, it was personal and she hurt my whole family. I am finding it harder to be an example of forgiveness for all of them because they cannot seem to forgive her this time. Please pray with me on this. Thank you.

PinkGranny said...

I forwarded this to one person, with whom I have vented to so many times. I need to learn to move past forgiveness so it is time to be searching my scripture for the verses God will use to help me do that.

Anonymous said...

Forwarded to my mom & my sister. THanks!

Sheri said...

I just forwarded it to one of the ladies in my Bible study (and copied you). It's funny: I was already planning on forwarding it before I saw today's daily giveaway. It is so perfect for a situation she has been going through. Thanks!

Kristen Barkdull said...

Tracie, I forwarded the e-mail to three people. I also carbon copied you in on it. I wanted to post a comment on here in case I messed up copying you in on the e-mail. Thank you so much for the Stress Detox series!

Vonnie said...

I forwarded the email & copy you on it to a Dear friend who I am praying for & she just last night contacted me on this issue to ask for prayers! God put this All together in his perfect timing.

Kelly said...

Forwarded to my two daughters as I have all the other emails concerning Stress Detox. We all need it! Thanks for all you do!

Valarie said...

Hi Tracie,
I posted this blog on my facebook. I currently have over a thousand friends on my list. It was shared with all of them. The subject of Forgiveness has been a big one in my life of late! Thank you for such a wonderful post on the subject!

Deena said...

I forwarded the post to my daughters, sisters and sisters in Christ.
"I once heard that withholding forgiveness from someone was like ingesting a toxic poison, but then expecting the other person to die."
This statement hit me like a rock.

Thanks you

Kristen Henderson said...

forwarded to my sisters!

Anonymous said...

I am sending your message to 5 of my friends. It is always difficult to let things go when one has been terribly hurt. The old saying Time heals all wounds comes to mind. With time we can move past the hurt with God's love and guidance.

Shaelia smith said...

I sent mine to 5 of my best friends... All have busy things going on in their lives!

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the email to one person.Martha

Anonymous said...

I sent to my friend at work.

Janet D
Galax, VA

Missy B said...

This was so wild cause I read the email about today's detox about forgiveness and right after I finished reading it I forwarded it to a friend that I just talked to last night about forgiveness. Then I followed your link to enter to win and you gave the challenge to forward it to a friend - amazing !!!

Melanye Fletcher said...

I tweeted to the world!

Thank you, Tracie, for these daily detox devotionals.


Linda F said...

Hello! Each of my sisters received the stress detox from me today. That would be four women in all!

By the way, you should know that this forgiveness post really hit me hard. I am struggling so much to forgive like you said in the post-to really put things behind me & throw them away. I am sure your prayer list is already quite full but if you or anyone else on here reads this please pray that I can forgive the way God wants me to. It's even harder b/c this forgiveness involves those I love.
Thanks again for the stress detox-God is surely using the posts for His glory & to bring His daughters closer to Him!

Melanye Fletcher said...

Father in Heaven, thank you for your perfect love...for loving us so we may know how to love.

Lord, we lift up Linda to you. She wants to forgive as you forgive. Please give her the desires of her heart. Help her to reach out in forgiveness to those she loves, as she continues to seek your will for her.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Pita said...

I forwarded to my daughter in law

Robin Therrien said...

A day late due to being away from my computer yesterday! I plan to forward to my whole contact once I get home this evening! Thanks you for the daily Detox and feeling quite grateful that forgivness is not an issue that stresses me....... letting God deal with it is sooooo much better for my life!

Lynn Bowman said...

I forwarded to my husband and my best friend. Thanks!

dkf7276 said...

I emailed the article to the following people
Melissa Seabolt
Jodie Wood
Julie Kendell
Mari Castano
Mary Kirk King
Patty Taylor
Jeanna Long

Amy W. said...

Before I even read them, I have been forwarding all of the posts each day to my friend who has been abundantly blessed just as I have. Thank you so much, Tracie, for allowing God to use you and your ministry for His glory.